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Environmental Engineering PowerPoint Presentation

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Environmental Engineering Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Introduction to Environmental Engineering
Slide 2 - What is Environmental Engineering? Definition: The application of science and engineering knowledge and concepts to care for and/or restore our natural environment and/or solve environmental problems.
Slide 3 - Who does it affect? Everyone & Everything! Plants Insects Animals Humans Ecosystems Our Planet
Slide 4 - What are environmental issues? Three areas: Air Quality Land Quality Water Quality
Slide 5 - Air Quality Poor air quality can lead to: Smog Respiratory & Other Illnesses Acid Rain Global Warming Why is air quality such a problem?
Slide 6 - From where do air pollutants come? Air Pollution in China
Slide 7 - Air Quality Air pollutant: A known substance in the air that can cause harm to humans and the environment. nitrogen oxides (NOx) sulfur oxides (SOx) carbon monoxide (CO) carbon dioxide (CO2) Effects of acid rain on plants
Slide 8 - Greenhouse Gases & Global Warming Global warming: An increase in the average air temperature of the Earth. Greenhouse effect: Heat from the sun gets trapped inside the glass of a greenhouse and heats up its air. More carbon dioxide (CO2) being released in the atmosphere traps more heat.
Slide 9 - How do we reduce air pollutants? Carpool Hybrid Cars EPA Government Regulation NEW: Geologic Carbon Sequestration Alternative Fuels Walk, Bike or Use Public Transportation
Slide 10 - Land Quality Land pollution: Destruction of the Earth’s surface caused by human activities and the misuse of natural resources. Natural resources: Land and raw materials that exist naturally in the environment undisturbed by humans. Renewable resource: A natural resource that can be replaced by a natural process. Non-renewable resource: A natural resource that cannot be produced or re-grown or reused.
Slide 11 - Examples Renewable Resources Non-Renewable Resources
Slide 12 - What problems arise from land pollution? Acid mine drainage Landfills Pesticides and herbicides
Slide 13 - How do we reduce land pollution?
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