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Yoga for Digestion System PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Yoga for Digestion System Take 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh Terrible absorption is the reason for all issue or ailments. Some stomach related turmoil can have more than one reason, just as numerous sides affects, that influence in excess of an area of the processing framework. Yoga asana offers a few stances that help you to purge, invigorate, help, and empower great stomach related framework. The metabolic vitality called Agni in Ayurveda, which assists with killing the waste and poisons in the stomach. The Agni is animated. This assists with expanding yearning and parity the stomach related framework. The vast majority of activities in Yoga are cadenced breathing; it brings the existence power vitality into the stomach. It cleans the dangerous materials that come into the stomach because of an inappropriate eating routine. Yoga improves the Agni and makes balance in the processing.
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Slide 3 - On the off chance that you are experiencing heartburn issue, so you just need to do the day by day practice the yoga for acid reflux. It's rarely acceptable in the event that you practice yoga soon after a supper; Minimum there ought to be a hole of four hours between your feast and your yoga practice start. Here are a few stances names which can assist with improving the assimilation framework. These Poses is likewise called Yoga for Digestion System.
Slide 4 - 1-Trikona asana: - This asana improves the adaptability in your spine; improve heartburn, corrosiveness, tooting. This is likewise generally excellent for a spinal pain. 2-Paschimottanasana: - This asana fills in as a pressure reliever. This assists with lessening greasy material store in the guts; this is generally excellent for obstruction and stomach related framework. 3-Pavanmuktasana: - This asana likewise is known as wind expelling present. This is best for gas issues and acid reflux. This invigorates the to the back and fixes the back agony. 4-Matsyendrasana: - This asana knead stomach organs and decrease stomach related issues.
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