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Know about oprah winfrey biography with this oprah winfrey powerpoint presentation slides. This oprah winfrey ppt slides has covered their life journey.

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Oprah Winfrey Biography PowerPoint Presentation

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Oprah Winfrey Biography Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Oprah Winfrey
Slide 2 - Oprah Winfrey Introduction She is one of the most famous and the most important figures in the history of American television. Became one of the first students of African descent who is studying at the State University through an educational grant. Began her life as a correspondent for a radio channel when she was 19 years old.
Slide 3 - Oprah Winfrey Biography Her mother was Vernita Lee a maid Her father Vernon Winfrey a coal miner She was raised by her Grandmother until she was 6
Slide 4 - Oprah was born on January, 29 1954, and she lived a very poor childhood. Her father was a barber and in addition to his work, he ran some small businesses & her mother was a housemaid. Oprah lived with her grandmother in a very poor neighborhood . Oprah’s half-sister, Patricia, who later died of causes related to cocaine overdose at the age of 43. Oprah’s half-brother, Jeffrey who died of AIDS in 1989. Oprah Winfrey Biography
Slide 5 - Oprah Winfrey’s Education She could read before she was 3 She went to East Nashville High She received a full ride scholarship She attended Tennessee state university
Slide 6 - Oprah Winfrey’s Career Oprah began her life as a correspondent for a radio channel when she was 19 years old, and she continued her university education through an educational grant that she got in Tennessee, where she was a top African-American student in that town. She moved to Baltimore and started working on a TV show in 1976.
Slide 7 - Radio Oprah Winfrey has announced on February 16, 2006, for signing a contract for 3 years for 55 million dollars with XM Satellite radio. Including “Oprah’s Friends” of the staff working in the program, such as Nate Brooks, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Robin Smith and so on. The broadcast of “Oprah and Friends” began at 11 am on September 25, 2006.
Slide 8 - Wealth Her total wealth in 2003 reached a billion dollars, which placed her in ranked 437 on the list of the wealthiest people in the world, which included 476 billionaires. Oprah was ranked ninth in the first of the 20 most influential women in terms of media in 2005. She was also ranked second by Forbs Magazine rating in 2005 in the most influential figures in the world.
Slide 9 - How Oprah influenced our society She was the first black woman to be a billionaire She is the most influencel woman in the world She was ranked the richest african american She is an american TV host
Slide 10 - Interesting facts about Oprah Oprah’s family was so poor when she was a kid her clothes were made of potato sacks Her name was Orpah when she was born She is the only black billionaire in the world Oprah got gum phobia
Slide 11 - “Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom” Oprah Winfrey
Slide 12 - Thank You