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Some people may not be fond of the English language because they were not able to have fun in their English class before since there are teachers who only scold the students when they get the wrong answers.

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Entertaining PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - ENTERTAINING Valera Antonov 2e1
Slide 2 - Some people may not be fond of the English language because they weren't able to have fun in their English class before since there are teachers who only scold the students when they get the wrong answers. Fortunately, there are other sources of learning that people can use to learn the English language in a fun and entertaining way.
Slide 3 - You won't even think of it as studying because you'll definitely get to enjoy yourself doing it.
Slide 4 - Watch videos
Slide 5 - Anything that catches your fancy as long as it is English dubbed. It can be a movie, TV series, interview of your favorite celebrity, news, advertisements, or anime
Slide 6 - If you need subtitles to understand them, it’s okay as long as you’re learning. This is an effective way to learn because: 1. you hear the proper pronunciation of words 2. you see them act according to what they are speaking, and 3. you can read along while listening to the audio.
Slide 7 - Listen to music
Slide 8 - If you’re fond of listening to songs, why not try to listen to those with English lyrics? Repetitive tunes will make your brain remember the words easily and you can also sing along while listening.
Slide 9 - Read books
Slide 10 - This is not limited into novels only. Why not try graphic novels? Or start with children’s books so you can familiarize yourself with the basic terms used in constructing simple sentences. This way you can see how the arrangement of subject and verb is done.
Slide 11 - Participate in stage play
Slide 12 - If you’re into drama and stage acts, this is a good one for you. Plays usually have scripts for you to memorize and reenact. It can be real fun to do this since you can also meet new friends along the way. But make sure to join one that has a script written in English.
Slide 13 - Talk to your friends
Slide 14 - What’s more fun than having a companion who is also striving for the same goal as yours? If you have a friend who also wants to learn English then why not converse with each other? This way the both of you can notice mistakes you will make. Start with playing a riddle game or word association.
Slide 15 - Write an English diary
Slide 16 - If you like to be alone rather than to interact with people, have an English diary instead. Write what happened to your day. You may also include the dialogues you’ve had that made you think for a while. Write freely and don’t mind if you’re committing mistakes because you can get back to them later to correct it.
Slide 17 - Play games
Slide 18 - There are a lot of vocabulary and spelling games out there for you to play alone or with your peers. This creates a sense of challenge and excitement among you so you will eventually be pushed into learning more about the language.