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How leaders work

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Leaders And managers PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Leaders Vs. managers
Slide 2 - Leadership According to Koontz and O'Donnell “Leadership is generally defined as influence, the art of process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly towards the achievement of group goals
Slide 3 - Leadership Styles Autocrat Democratic Leader Laissez fair or Free Rein Leader Task or Production Oriented Leader People Oriented Leader Japanese Leadership styles
Slide 4 - Autocrat Self centered & Work centered Concentrates on Power & Authority Stress more on Punishment & Penalties Negative Motivation oriented Followers are afraid Leads to frustration, Dissatisfaction, Fear & Conflict Benevolent Autocrat : An autocratic leader with some good qualities like, helping poor, Kindness in mind, God fearing…etc.. Tough Autocrat : Autocratic leader with crooked mind & negative thinking
Slide 5 - Democratic Leader Decentralized Authority Encourages participation of subordinates in decision making Give prominence to cooperation, involvement, communication, ideas, team spirit among members Make use of full talents & abilities of members Rewards & Appreciations to employees Increased job satisfaction and job performance
Slide 6 - Laissez - fair or free Rein Leader There are no Leaders at all Group plays a dominant role Sets own goals & Solves its own problems They motivate themselves Members have a freedom to decide their own goals No one is there to appreciate the members
Slide 7 - Task or Production Oriented Leader Focus on Job to be done Induce to concentrate on the Job Bother about Production, Productivity, and Product
Slide 8 - People Oriented Leader Stress more on reducing tension Makes Job pleasant & Happy Leaders get the support
Slide 9 - Japanese Leadership styles First Well being of the employees, Human Assets are most important Managers are selected based on the quality of having best relationship with employees Company sponsored cultural, athletic & recreational activities are held
Slide 10 - Japanese Leadership styles Second Minimizes Status differences Same uniform for all Employees are referred as associates no designation No special privileges
Slide 11 - Japanese Leadership styles Third Share lot of information with employees at all levels Workers are informed about company goals & plans Fourth Participate in decision making Form quality circle
Slide 12 - Leaders vs. Managers