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Strategic Management : Managing Innovation and Change

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managing innovation and change | strategic management

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Managing Innovation and Change PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - (Strategic Management) Managing Innovation and Change
Slide 2 - 1.The nature of change and innovation: 1.1. Distinguishing between Change and Innovation : In considering more closely the concepts of change and innovation, it is useful to distinguish between the two terms.
Slide 3 - 1.2 Forces for Change and Innovation: A variety of forces influence change and innovation in organizations. Some of these forces stem from external factors, while others arise from factors that are mainly internal to organizations.
Slide 4 - 2.ORGANIZATIONAL LIFE CYCLES: 2.1 Four Life-Cycle Stages: Entrepreneurial Stage Collectivity Stage Formalization and Control Stage Elaboration-of-Structure Stage:
Slide 5 - 2.2 Organizational Termination: There are several important reasons why an organization may be terminated. One reason, frequently related to such factors as environmental changes, deficient management, and/or technological obsolescence, is bankruptcy
Slide 6 - 2.3 Promoting Innovation: The Change and Innovation Process: The processes of change and innovation are similar, although innovation -a special type of change- tends to be more difficult because it moves beyond the more traditional changes and relies on incorporating significant new ideas.
Slide 7 - 2.4 Six-Step Model
Slide 8 - 2.5 Managing Resistance to Change As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons why it takes concerted managerial planning and skill to bring about innovation and change is that people often resist change.
Slide 9 - It is not always the employees who resist change. Efforts to involve employees in decision making about their work often are resisted by managers who mistrust employees and fear loss of power.
Slide 10 - 2.6 Managing conflict Interdependency of objectives and competition for limited resources often leads to conflict. Conflict can be defined as a disagreement between two or more parties on one or more issues. Establishing annual objectives can lead to conflict because individuals have different expectations and perceptions, schedules create pressure.
Slide 11 - Thank You