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Strategic Management : Control and Evaluation

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control and evaluation | strategic management

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Control and Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation

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Control and Evaluation Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - (Strategic Management) Control & Evaluation Chapter 1: Strategic Control
Slide 2 - Strategic Control definitions Two characteristics of strategy compound the problem of designing such strategy control systems: Long lead times before the impact is fully felt; Strategy decisions, once implementend, are very difficult to reverse.
Slide 3 - Strategic Control definitions
Slide 4 - Strategic Control definitions Monitoring deals with setting up an information system to track variables that will provide feedback and making modifications to objectives, strategies and implementation variables to keep the strategy on track.
Slide 5 - Strategic Control definitions The strategy evaluation system is to inform top management of how the system is perfoming, by relaying what has occured or what may occur if action is not taken.
Slide 6 - Strategic Control process
Slide 7 - Strategic Control process Strategy Evaluation It deals with testing the soundness and practical feasibility of formulated strategies. It involves identifying criteria for evaluation and establishing a process that structures the tasks of strategy evaluation.
Slide 8 - Strategic Control process Strategy Evaluation’ criteria Internal validation External validation Qualitative criteria Quantitative criteria Key factors for success Evaluating performance Feed back
Slide 9 - Strategic Control process Strategy Evaluation’ review process
Slide 10 - Strategic Control process Strategy Monitoring Its purpose is to clear allocation of responsibilities ans ressources for strategy implementation.
Slide 11 - Strategic Control process Strategic Control The aim of strategic control is to ensure accurate implementation of strategic plans and achieving the needed results.
Slide 12 - Strategic Control process Strategic Control: the steps
Slide 13 - Thank You