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Abraham Lincoln PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Abraham Lincoln developed for KYLM Lincoln Traveling trunk *indicates image and text taken from The Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission website
Slide 2 - President Abraham Lincoln was born near Hodgenville, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809. Photo used with permission of the Illinois State Historical Society.*
Slide 3 - Henry Clay was Kentucky's most prominent nineteenth-century politician. He was Abraham Lincoln's political idol. His estate, Ashland, is now a museum in Lexington *
Slide 4 - Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, was from Lexington, Kentucky. She was one of the best-educated women of her era, and her support, encouragement, and vast political knowledge helped Lincoln become our nation's sixteenth president. The Mary Todd Lincoln House in Lexington is open for tours. *
Slide 5 - Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, was also born in Kentucky. Before the Civil War, he was a planter, soldier, politician, and U.S. Secretary of War. He died in 1889. *
Slide 6 - Lincoln reportedly wept when his brother-in-law, Ben Hardin Helm, was killed while fighting for the Confederacy. Lincoln's family, like the nation, was divided during the Civil War. *
Slide 7 - Lincoln's sister-in-law, Emilie Todd Helm, was married to a Confederate general who was killed during the Civil War. When she visited the White House after her husband's death, it created a stir in Washington and many newspapers complained about the rebel widow's visit. *
Slide 8 - This unique painting of Abraham Lincoln is on display at the Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort. The watch that Lincoln carried when he was assassinated is also on display there. In addition to this site, themes related to Lincoln's life can also be found at the Old State Capitol and the Kentucky Military History Museum, both located in downtown Frankfort.*
Slide 9 - Artist's rendering of the Lincoln family. *
Slide 10 - Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, were born less than one year and one hundred miles apart. The Jefferson Davis Monument is located at Fairview, Kentucky, and is managed by the Kentucky Department of Parks. A museum on site includes a detailed exhibit about Jefferson Davis. *
Slide 11 - Photograph showing March 4, 1861 inauguration of Abraham Lincoln in front of U.S. Capitol, which was undergoing construction *
Slide 12 - Lincoln met with his cabinet for the first reading of the Emancipation Proclamation draft on July 22, 1862.
Slide 13 - Lincoln, with Allan Pinkerton and Gen. John Alexander Mclernand at Antietam.
Slide 14 - Gettysburg Address The cemetery was dedicated on November 19, 1863 . Lincoln spoke for approximately two minutes. Although he expressed disappointment in the speech initially, it has come to be regarded as one of the greatest speeches in U.S. history.
Slide 15 - Ford’s Theatre
Slide 16 - Presidential box at Ford’s Theater
Slide 17 - John Wilkes Booth
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Slide 19 - Reward poster following Lincoln’s assassination
Slide 20 - When Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C. on April 14, 1865, he was carrying two pairs of spectacles and a lens polisher, a pocketknife, a watch fob, a linen handkerchief, and a brown leather wallet containing a five-dollar Confederate note and nine newspaper clippings.
Slide 21 - Train engine that drew Lincoln’s funeral train
Slide 22 - President Lincoln’s memory has been honored in a variety of ways including the penny, five dollar bill, Lincoln Memorial and Mt. Rushmore
Slide 23 - Inside the Lincoln Memorial, a majestic statue sits in repose with the following words inscribed . . .
Slide 24 - In This Temple As in The Hearts Of The People For Whom He saved The Union The Memory Of Abraham Lincoln Is Enshrined Forever