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Web 2 0 Technology and Social Media

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Web 2 0 Technology and Social Media PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Web 2.0 Technology & Social Media 1
Slide 2 - Web 2.0 Space Some of them are technological components (e.g., AJAX, RIA‘s, and XML/DHTML) Some are principles (e.g., participation, collective intelligence, and rich user experience) Some are applications and tools (e.g., Wikipedia, Flickr, and Mashups). 2
Slide 3 - Technology Push/Demand Pull Theory Demand Pulls Technology Market and consumer needs may create a demand for new technology/service Forces research and development efforts to accelerate innovation. Technology Pushes Demand New technology/service may evolve to spawn innovative uses Thereby generate demand. 3
Slide 4 - Examples Technology Push Early internet allows for early version of e-mail I/O devices move from teletype machines to CRT Networking PCs Cell Phone Displays – LCD Demand Pull E-mail Servers & Clients GUI’s – MAC, Windows 3.0, etc. Graphical Web Browsers Custom Graphics & Ringtones 4
Slide 5 - 5
Slide 6 - Conceptual Framework of Web 2.0 Paradigm 6
Slide 7 - Web 2.0 Tech Push/ Demand Pull Layers Web 2.0 Technology Layer Enabling technologies or technological concepts Provide the infrastructure and building blocks for Web 2.0 RIAs Supports Web 2.0 principles. Web 2.0 Principle Layer Common fundamental characteristics observed from current web 2.0 platforms Different from traditional applications or platforms. Web 2.0 Application Layer Web 2.0 RIAs that implement the lower layer principles using the enabling technologies in the technology layer. Web 2.0 Driver Layer Market/social/user driving forces that pull the fundamental shifts in technology, online business networks, online communities, and individual online behaviors. 7 Return to Current & Emerging IS/IT Trends
Slide 8 - The Web 2.0 Revolution, Social Media, and Industry Disruptors social media The online platforms and tools that people use to share opinions, experiences, insights, perceptions, and various media, including photos, videos, and music, with each other disruptors Companies that introduce a significant change in their industries, thus causing a disruption in normal business operations 8
Slide 9 - 9
Slide 10 - Social Media Social Media Makes History 10 Thank You