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Mulimedia Virtual Reality PowerPoint Presentation

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Mulimedia Virtual Reality Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Virtual Reality T.Sharon - A.Frank 1 MULTIMEDIA
Slide 2 - Virtual Reality (VR) Definition T.Sharon - A.Frank An artificial reality that projects you into a 3D space generated by the computer. A virtual reality system usually uses: Stereoscopic goggles that provide the 3D imagery. Tracking device: goggles that track head and body movement. "data glove" that tracks hand movements. The tracking device lets you point to and manipulate computer-generated objects displayed into the goggles.
Slide 3 - Degree of Interaction in VR T.Sharon - A.Frank Solo – One person interacting in a virtual space. Same Place Collaboration – Few users, interacting in a virtual space, in the same physical location. Different Place Collaboration – Few users, interacting in a virtual space, but situated in different physical locations.
Slide 4 - Degree of Immersion in VR T.Sharon - A.Frank Fully immersive VR applications (where one doesn't experience the surrounding physical and real environment); Semi-immersive VR applications (where a certain degree of immersion is gained, for example via stereo projection); 2D screen renderings of a conceptually 3D space (as in Second Life).
Slide 5 - Degree of Realism in VR T.Sharon - A.Frank A photo-realistic representation of a real physical location. A representation of a conceptual university campus. A metaphorical or fantasy environment such as a virtual zoo.
Slide 6 - VR Technical Approaches T.Sharon - A.Frank Head-Mounted Head-mounted wide-view stereo display. Cave-based Walls of a room are rear-projection stereo displays. The user wears goggles to enable viewing in 3D. Chameleon-type Hand held, or hand moved, display. Position and orientation are tracked.
Slide 7 - 1. Head Mounted T.Sharon - A.Frank Boom Mounted Display Head Mounted Display (HMD)
Slide 8 - Virtual Reality Environment T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 9 - Data Glove The user can control images on the screen by donning a glove wired with numerous sensors and moving his hand through the air. T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 10 - Human, HMD and Gloves T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 11 - Schematic Relationship in HMD System T.Sharon - A.Frank Eyes and display are tightly coupled. Hands are “far” aside of the display. Problem: hands and other objects are hidden. Solution – use camera and Augmented virtuality/reality.
Slide 12 - 2. Cave-based T.Sharon - A.Frank CAVE = Computer Automatic Virtual Environment
Slide 13 - Various devices surround the CAVE T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 14 - CAVE examples T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 15 - CAVE example T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 16 - Degenerated CAVEs – examples T.Sharon - A.Frank A small 3-sided cave (Cubby) Cubby
Slide 17 - Degenerated CAVE T.Sharon - A.Frank
Slide 18 - Schematic Relationship in CAVE System T.Sharon - A.Frank Eyes and hands are linked and mobile. Display is fixed. Problem “shadow effect”: when another person hides walls, or when an object is supposed to be between two persons.
Slide 19 - 3. Chameleon-type T.Sharon - A.Frank Palm-held VR
Slide 20 - Chameleon Style Example T.Sharon - A.Frank ART+COM
Slide 21 - Schematic Relationship in Chameleon System T.Sharon - A.Frank Hands and display are tightly coupled. All three are mobile. Problems: all (of HMD and Cave).