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Download Future of Project Management In India powerpoint presentation, know more about Future of Project Management In India with this ppt slides

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Future of Project Management In India PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Future of Project Management in India Raju Rao
Slide 2 - Agenda
Slide 3 - Expected outcomes – India Vision 2020 4th largest country in terms of GDP Quadruple per capita income Progress from Low income …Upper middle income (UMI) 3
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Slide 5 - Strengths Opportunities 2025 Availability of Skilled manpower Large middle class and significant upper and upper middle class Manufacturing capability Agriculture / Food processing Infrastructure Power, Transport,Roads/Highways Telecom
Slide 6 - ppt slide no 6 content not found
Slide 7 - Threats Weaknesses 2025 Appropriate manpower and skills non availability Inadequate infrastructure and insufficient power Lack of institutionalized innovation Environment and health care Water shortage HIV /AIDS India v/s Bharat
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Slide 9 - ppt slide no 9 content not found
Slide 10 - India – a country of paradoxes 49 Billionaires (Forbes list ) … more than many advanced countries Largest consumer of Gold yet one of the poorest countries Largest pool of engineering graduates yet shortage of manpower and skills …….and many more
Slide 11 - India and her traits
Slide 12 - Core competencies - gaps in the future
Slide 13 - Teams and India - History Alexander and Porus Babur at Panipat , Khanwa Source : Gurcharan Das - India Unbound
Slide 14 - Why crab mentatility ?
Slide 15 - Teams –in sports
Slide 16 - Teams – Understanding Indian context Past – based on caste , division of labour – strict boundaries ,status consciousness, hierarchical ,feudal … works well when functional org structure required Now and in the future – pan indian ness caste , language , religion not important in working life requires …projectized or matrix structure
Slide 17 - Applying PM processes – road blocks
Slide 18 - Are formal pm processes /standards used here ?
Slide 19 - The next decade in India Test ground for project management methodology , processes and practices Is India Vision 2020 possible ? …without Project mgt standards and processes Appropriate tools Research Project management in non traditional and new areas
Slide 20 - Final thoughts Future goals-India Vision 2020 possible ? without Formal project management processes Concepts and practices to be Communicated at senior and operative levels Education and training done Implemented Improving team work important
Slide 21 - rao.raju@gmail.com 0-9884188171