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Volunteer Orientation Mothers Against Drunk Driving

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Volunteer Orientation Mothers Against Drunk Driving PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Volunteer Orientation
Slide 2 - MADD’s Mission To eliminate drunk driving. To support victims of this violent crime. To prevent underage drinking.
Slide 3 - History of MADD Founded in 1980 by Candy Lightner, a mother who’s 13 year old twin daughter, Cari, was killed by a drunk driver. MADD grew as a nonprofit grassroots organization driven largely by volunteer support. In the last 30+ years MADD has had a part in… seeing the legal drinking age raised to 21. changing the legal intoxication limit to .08. and other legislation, all of which has resulted in lowering the number of lives lost to drinking and driving by half since the organization was founded. Today we are the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking. Cari Lightner
Slide 4 - MADD Today MADD is not anti-alcohol. MADD is not against drinking for those OVER the legal age of 21. MADD IS against the irresponsible choice to drink and drive. We are all about Zero tolerance for kids and Safe Choices for adults.
Slide 5 - Some Important Statistics In 2011, there were 9,878 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities which accounted for 31% of all motor vehicle fatalities in the US. Every day in America, another 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. On average, one in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. An average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before first arrest. Teen alcohol use kills about 6,000 people each year.
Slide 6 - Volunteer Opportunities There are several kinds of volunteer opportunities for MADD volunteers. Core Programming These research-based programs are tied directly to mission objectives. Awareness To promote the mission of MADD and make others aware of our cause. Fundraising It takes money to provide programming that supports our mission. You can help! Administrative As part of MADD’s cost saving strategies, offices operate with small staff. You can help by lending a hand. Public Policy Lend your voice to ensure that legislation is enacted which will impact our mission. Volunteers are the heart and soul of MADD. As a grassroots organization, MADD depends on volunteers to move its mission forward and save lives! MADD volunteers make things happen! Please note: Not all opportunities listed on the following slides are available at this time in all areas. Please advise Volunteer Coordinator of your areas of interest and we will notify you as opportunities become available. Some programs require a background check such as those that work with youth, victims, fundraising, or events where you may be handling cash for MADD.
Slide 7 - Volunteer Opportunities Court Monitors – Volunteers are trained to observe the court system and collect information on drunk driving cases. The data must be entered online into a centralized system by the court monitor or another trained volunteer. This information is used by MADD to recommend constructive improvements to our judicial system. Volunteer training will include an overview of the relevant state laws, the Rules of Evidence, and the role of the Court Monitor.  Availability: If interested in working in Davidson County, must be available at least once every other week on Tuesdays from 8:00 – 2:00pm. Parking downtown will need to be paid up front, but will be reimbursed once a month.  If interested in other counties, session times may vary, but are always during the day.  Requires a background check and minimum age of 18. Core Programming Mission Connection: Eliminate Drunk Driving
Slide 8 - Volunteer Opportunities Victim Impact Panelists – Allows victims/survivors an opportunity to heal by sharing their personal stories of bereavement, injuries, and loss with DUI or other alcohol-related offenders. Panels reduce future victimizations by educating participants to the hazards of impaired driving and motivating participants to make responsible decisions about drinking and driving in the future. Panelists are challenged with creating receptive audiences. Requirements: Only victims or law enforcement may participate as speakers. Case must be adjudicated,. Should wait one-two years after victimization to step into this role. MADD staff recommendation required. Core Programming Mission Connection: Eliminate Drunk Driving
Slide 9 - Volunteer Opportunities Victim Advocates – Provide direct victim services to victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes who may be in need of crisis intervention, emotional support, financial resource referrals, practical guidance in the criminal justice process, community referrals, and/or support groups. Services are delivered in-person, by telephone, and via email. Requirements: One-day Victim Advocate Institute Training (VATI) Including additional coursework online and/or via phone MADD staff recommendation Must be emotionally ready to support victims. If you are a victim interested in this opportunity: Case must be adjudicated,. Should wait at least two years after victimization to step into this role. Core Programming Mission Connection: Support Victims of Impaired Driving
Slide 10 - Volunteer Opportunities Facilitators – Deliver 30-minute workshops that equip parents and caregivers with the handbook that will help guide them through talking to kids about alcohol. Help engage workshop attendees as future volunteers. Requirements: Must attend a training to become certified. Coordinators – Secure locations to host Power of Parent Workshops. Work with Power of Parents Facilitators to schedule workshops. Recruit parents to attend workshops. Solicit in-kind donations of refreshments. Core Programming Mission Connection: Prevent Underage Drinking
Slide 11 - Volunteer Opportunities Sticker Shock Campaign Raise public awareness about the minimum drinking age by placing stickers on beer and wine coolers in hopes of discouraging those over 21 from providing alcohol to minors. Stickers warn of the penalties for doing such. Timeframe: Often done near prom and graduation. Volunteers: Often a project of youth 16-21, but can be done by any age. Power Talk 21 A day to encourage parents to talk to kids about alcohol. Timeframe: April 21 for event, volunteer activities can lead up to actual day. Volunteers: Help distribute brochures and participate in social media campaigns to maximize awareness. Promote the Mission: Awareness Events/ Campaigns If you are enthusiastic about helping people get to know more about MADD and the programs and services we provide, you may be perfect for helping out with short-term or irregular volunteer needs like Awareness opportunities.
Slide 12 - Volunteer Opportunities Tie One On for Safety Drivers across the country display MADD red ribbons on their vehicles as a pledge to drive safe and sober and as a reminder to others to do the same. Timeframe: Kicks off each Holiday season when drunk driving crashes tend to increase. Volunteers: Distribute ribbons at various locations. Red Ribbon Week If you are an educator or a member of a high school PTO/PTA group, influence teen drinking behavior by providing teens with fun ways to take a stand against underage drinking and by providing parents with the tools to talk with their teens about alcohol. Timeframe: October Promote the Mission: Awareness Events/ Campaigns
Slide 13 - Volunteer Opportunities Celebration of Life While fostering hope, Victim/Survivor Tributes serve as a time of poignant reflection to remember and honor those who have been killed or injured in impaired driving crashes. Timeframe: November or December Volunteers: Plan and organize the event. Law Enforcement Recognition MADD supports the heroes who keep our roads safe. High-visibility law enforcement catches drunk drivers and discourages others from driving drunk. This event awards officers for their continued commitment to our cause. Timeframe: Varies Volunteers: Plan and organize the event. Promote the Mission: Awareness Events/ Campaigns
Slide 14 - Volunteer Opportunities Sobriety Checkpoints Assist local law enforcement at designated sobriety checkpoints, usually specifically assigned to those checkpoints named in honor of a victim of drunk driving. Timeframe: Varies Volunteers: Offer praise and encouragement to officers for their heroic efforts to eliminate drunk driving and may distribute literature to drivers passing through the checkpoint, explain the named victim’s story as opportunity is given, and/or speak in support of the mission of MADD TN. Table Host Organizations often ask MADD to participate in company or community events by hosting a display table, giving out brochures, and talking to people about our cause. Although these opportunities are invaluable in helping to spread the word about what we do and in recruiting additional volunteers, because of limited resources, our staff isn’t always able to accommodate such requests. Table Host Volunteers help make more of these events possible. Timeframe: Varies Promote the Mission: Awareness Events/ Campaigns
Slide 15 - Volunteer Opportunities MADD Events Walk Like MADD – All over the nation, thousands of people will participate in 5K walks to celebrate creating a brighter future without drunk driving and underage drinking. Funding Source: Teams raise money from individuals and groups to sponsor them as they walk. Locations: Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis Timeframe: Varies by area Volunteers: Many opportunities Participate on fundraising teams as walkers and/or team captains Help with event planning and logistics which may include soliciting in-kind donations, or event sponsors. Fund the Mission: Fundraising Events/ Campaigns
Slide 16 - Volunteer Opportunities MADD Special Events Varies– We are always looking for creative ways to get people involved and excited about supporting MADD. In the past we have held events such as MADD About Tea, golf tournaments, and even an exclusive dinner with Tennessee Titan, Delanie Walker. But are always open to new ideas. Funding source: Varies, can include ticket sales, silent auction, portion of proceeds, etc. Location: varies Timeframe: varies Volunteers: May plan and organize event which could include compiling guest lists; sending invitations; selling tickets; soliciting in-kind donations, event sponsors, decorations, and silent auction items; or may help decorate, run registration tables, etc. Fund the Mission: Fundraising Events/ Campaigns
Slide 17 - Volunteer Opportunities Host a Giving Campaign – Challenge your company, church, school, or other organization to donate to MADD using creative ways to organize a Giving Campaign. Examples: Get permission for employees to pay $5 to wear jeans on Friday with proceeds going to MADD. Hold a yard sale, bake sale, or car wash at your church or organization. But you can do better than that! Come up with a great idea, contact us for approval, and we’ll help guide you with the supplies and/or authorization letter you may need to make it official! Donations can also be accepted through Community Shares, an employee giving program that allows employees to donate through payroll deduction. Fund the Mission: Fundraising Events/ Campaigns
Slide 18 - Volunteer Opportunities Administrative Volunteers–May be assigned to a variety of tasks which may include: Support the Mission: Administrative/Skilled Volunteers updating spreadsheets database data entry running copies collating binders packing materials answering phones mailing thank you cards filing internet research stuffing envelopes Skilled Volunteers - Sometimes needed for specialized projects such as designing databases /spreadsheets or designing marketing materials such as brochures, posters, or invitations. If you have a specialized skill you would be willing to share, please indicate that on your application.
Slide 19 - Volunteer Opportunities Public Policy Committee Volunteer Each year, dozens of Tennessee bills are created that have the potential to affect MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®.  The Public Policy Volunteer Committee will help select our legislative objectives for 2013 and plan a volunteer Hill Day to communicate those priorities.  The meetings will be conducted via 1-800 conference call to allow for participation across the state.  Advance the Mission: Public Policy Volunteers
Slide 20 - Volunteer Application Process Step 1: Submit our initial one-page Application Form. Asks for basic contact information. Mark your areas of interest. Feel free to write-in anything you don’t see on the app. Step 2: MADD staff will review your application. If you are interested in a Core Programming Opportunity, you may be asked to complete additional paperwork. Depending on your area of interest, you may be asked to complete a Background Check. Step 3: Complete Volunteer Orientation. Review the online Volunteer Orientation. Submit the completed Volunteer Confirmation Page to the MADD TN State office. If you cannot complete the online Orientation, contact the MADD TN State office for assistance. Step 4: Once all necessary paperwork for your area of interest has been completed and approved, you will be contacted by the MADD staff Program Specialist assigned to your area of interest and your geographic location. If additional training is required, you will discuss a training schedule with your Program Specialist. If no training is required, you will be given information about how to begin participation.
Slide 21 - Reporting Volunteer Service Hours Some of our grants require us to record the number of hours our volunteers devote in service to activities for the organization. Therefore, it is very important that our volunteers submit monthly Volunteer Time Sheets to us so that we may comply with these requirements that ensure continued funding. Volunteer Time Sheets can be downloaded from our website or requested from your local MADD staff representative. Please log all activity and note the project or event for which the time was spent. You may mail, fax, or scan/email your completed timesheets to michelle.rozell@madd.org. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter! Thank You!!!
Slide 22 - A Few Important Policy Notes Conflicts of Interest Exists when the interests or concerns of a volunteer or the person’s immediate family, or any party, group, or organization to which the person has allegiance can cause MADD to be legally or otherwise vulnerable to litigation, criticism, or embarrassment. Volunteers should avoid such conflicts – potential or real. If one exists, it needs to be disclosed and that person will be excluded from discussion, voting, and/or decision making activities surrounding said conflict. MADD & Politics IRS regulations prohibit non-profits from participation in political campaigns. Individuals must refrain from any open display of political campaigning (buttons, other advertising, etc) while attending a MADD event or acting as a MADD representative. Violation could cost MADD our tax exempt status! Mixed Messages Messaging to underage youth should support the lifesaving “21” legal drinking age laws. Though our youth programming does include education about the dangers of drinking and driving as an adult, messaging that simply urges YOUTH not to drink and drive is inappropriate. Messages to youth must convey a clear “no use” message.
Slide 23 - Volunteer Resources Website maddtn.org Click Volunteer Resources at left to find: Downloads Volunteer Postings Downloads Application Time Sheet Publisher Calendar with important Volunteer Activities Volunteer Postings Summary of Overall Volunteer Opportunities As detailed in this orientation. Current Volunteer Project Opportunities Shows specific needs as they become available. Changes frequently. If interested in an opportunity, email the contact shown. Mark this page in your favorites and check often!
Slide 24 - Staying in the Loop The best way to stay in the loop is to subscribe to our eNewsletter to receive communications about events and opportunities in your area as well as important news affecting MADD’s mission in the State and the Country. Become a Chapter Member in your area. Some areas have an active Chapter of volunteers which meet regularly to plan and discuss local Volunteer Activities and Projects. Check the web site for active Chapters. If your area does not have an active chapter, you can check our Volunteer Resources page for the requirements for starting a new chapter in your area. You can still participate as a volunteer even if there is no active chapter in your area. Connect with us on Facebook. For Victims, there are also Message Boards available through Victim Services.
Slide 25 - Volunteer Confirmation Please print the following page. (Hint: Choose “Print Current Slide” to print ONLY that page.) Answer the questions to confirm your completion of the Volunteer Orientation. Submit your completed Volunteer Confirmation Page to our Coordinator of Volunteer Resources at the MADD TN State office by one of the following: Email: michelle.rozell@madd.org Fax : 615-360-9022 Mail: Michelle Rozell MADD TN State Office 1100 Kermit Dr., Suite 022, Nashville, TN 37217
Slide 26 - Volunteer Confirmation Page 1. What is MADD’s Mission? 2. Is MADD against drinking for those over 21? 3. Name two Core Programming Volunteer Opportunities. 4. Name two Awareness Volunteer Opportunities. 5. Name one Fundraising Volunteer Opportunity. What Volunteer Opportunity is perfect for those who want to have a voice in legislative objectives? Why is it so important for Volunteer Service Hours to be reported? Is political campaigning allowed if you’re at an event representing MADD? 9. What message must be clearly communicated regarding underage youth and alcohol? 10. What is the best way to stay in the loop about what is happening with MADD in your area? Your name: Phone: Email: Date: Mail: Michelle Rozell Email: michelle.rozell@madd.org MADD TN State Office Fax : 615-360-9022 1100 Kermit Dr., Suite 022, Nashville, TN 37217
Slide 27 - We look forward to working with you!