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Volcanoes By Seymour Simon Key Vocabulary crust molten magma eruption cinders lava crater summit Practice Book Time to Read Turn to page #84 crust The solid outer ......

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Volcanoe PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Volcanoes By Seymour Simon
Slide 2 - Nature’s Fury Story Genre Strategy Skill Nonfiction Monitor & Clarify Categorize Classify
Slide 3 - Volcanoes
Slide 4 - ppt slide no 4 content not found
Slide 5 - Key Vocabulary crust molten magma eruption cinders lava crater summit
Slide 6 - Practice Book
Slide 7 - In this selection, Seymour Simon gives you lots of information about volcanoes and how they form. As you read, listen to your inner voice to monitor your understanding, and reread or use the photos and the map to clarify. Strategy Focus
Slide 8 - ppt slide no 8 content not found
Slide 9 - We will: Determine that writers often categorize information to make it easier for readers to understand. Categorize and classify information. Organize information by specific criteria. Learn academic language: categorize and classify. Objectives
Slide 10 - ppt slide no 10 content not found
Slide 11 - ppt slide no 11 content not found
Slide 12 - Comprehension Skill: Text Organization Open your Practice books to page 39
Slide 13 - Magma pushes up through cents or cracks in the earth’s crust A hole in the ground that lava flows from A mountain or hill that lava flows from
Slide 14 - Most volcanoes form where the plates of the earth come together. Hawaiian volcanoes are in the middle of the Pacific plate. Shield Volcanoes Mauna Loa Kilauea Cinder Cone Volcanoes some volcanoes in Guatemala Composite Volcanoes Mount Shasta Mount Hood Dome Volcanoes Lassen Peak
Slide 15 - Time to Read! Turn to page #84
Slide 16 - crust The solid outer layer of earth go back
Slide 17 - molten made liquid by heat go back
Slide 18 - magma hot melted rock underneath the earth’s surface go back
Slide 19 - eruption A volcanic explosion or large flow of lava go back
Slide 20 - lava hot melted rock that flows from a volcano go back
Slide 21 - crater A bowl-shaped depression go back
Slide 22 - cinders charred bits of rock: ashes go back
Slide 23 - summit the top of a mountain go back
Slide 24 - Go Back
Slide 25 - Go Back
Slide 26 - Transparency 1-19 go back
Slide 27 - Workbook Page 39 go back
Slide 28 - Transparency 1-23