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Tilt Drum vs Two Opening Mixer

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Tilt Drum vs Two Opening Mixer PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Tilt Drum vs. Two Opening Mixer
Slide 2 - Advantages of Central Mix over Dry Batch Increased production capacity (approximately 50%) Superior quality control (slump) Reduced wear on truck mixer blades & drums Reduced man hours for truck mixer clean-up Overall cleaner plant operation Sales tool for selling quality concrete
Slide 3 - R & S Tilt Mixer Design as compared to Rexcon, Erie Strayer, Hagen, Heltzel, MTM and Con-E-Co. Completely eliminates approximately 30 wear points (such as load rollers, roller path, and guide rollers) Reduced maintenance cost over the life of the mixer is substantial
Slide 4 - Mixing Efficiency R & S mixing efficiency is equal to or better than all competitors R & S Tilt Mixer design has been proven through mixer efficiency tests by independent laboratories for tough specification jobs such as nuclear power plants. 30 second shrink mix batch gives 300yds/hr
Slide 5 - Exclusive Tilt Motion Provides superior cleanliness of charging, mixing, dust control and discharge operations Mixer mouth falls away from charge head, then returns to a positive seal – no spillage In a class by itself
Slide 6 - Mixer Batch Size 15 degree incline of the drum axis during the charging and mixing cycle permits full capacity batches without spillage All horizontal axis mixers have serious spillage problems both of wet and dry materials The offering of “spillage chutes” in competitive price sheets is indicative of this problem
Slide 7 - Shipping R & S Tilt Mixers are shipped completely assembled and ready to operate As an example, some other mixers are shipped in 12 pieces requiring field assembly and alignment
Slide 8 - Drum Liners R & S Tilt Mixers are equipped standard with 3/8” ar steel drum liners stitch welded into place 1” polyurethane drum liners are recommended Full face 1” polyurethane blade liners are also available and recommended ¾” polyurethane liners for the mixer dump chute and collecting cone in lieu of ¼” ar steel liners are available and recommended Spray-in “Rawhide” lining also available for longer life and cost efficiency