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The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - The Olympic Games Key names and facts to know and love.
Slide 2 - 776 BC First recorded Olympic Games
Slide 3 - 393 AD Olympic Games abolished by Emperor Theodosius I
Slide 4 - Herakles Augean stables, Elis. The 6th task.
Slide 5 - The stade 600 ancient feet. 1ft = 0.296 – 0.320m
Slide 6 - Oinomaos vs Pelops. Hippodameia. Myrtilus. Thyestes. Atreus. Agamemnon.
Slide 7 - Elis and the Eleans Gained control of Olympia from the city of Pisa in 572 BC. Controlled Olympic Games
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Slide 9 - Elis Provides the Hellanodikoi and the Heralds. Provides the support staff for Olympia. All athletes who are competing in the Olympic games must go to Elis one month before the festival starts. Procession from Elis to Olympia. 30 miles over 2 days. Then the games begin!
Slide 10 - The rivers Alpheios and Cladeos C A
Slide 11 - Hill of Kronos
Slide 12 - The contestants. Had to be free. Had to be Greek. Had to be sons of free Greek parents. Must have been professionally trained for at least 10 months. Must train at Elis for the month before the Games. Must be male. Must obey the rules.
Slide 13 - paides – boys. 17 - 20 andres – men. 20+ 2 categories
Slide 14 - The Sacred Truce (ekecheiria) In effect a month before the Games were due to be held and lasted for their duration. Later extended to 3 months as Games grew in size. To enable athletes and spectators to travel to Olympia without fear of attack or intimidation. Truce enforced primarily through fear of Zeus – Games held in his honour and Zeus also protector of travellers. Executions forbidden. Heralds (spondophori)from Elis travel through Greece announcing the Games and when the truce will begin. Terms of truce inscribed on a bronze discus at Olympia, displayed in the Temple of Hera.
Slide 15 - Violation of the Sacred Truce. Only one serious violation. Spartans captured towns of Lepreon and Phrykon during truce of 420 BC. Eleans fined Sparta 2 minae per soldier = 2000 minae (= 200 000 days wages). Spartans claimed not to have known about the truce. Refused to pay. Expelled from Games. Sparta pays fine and gives Lepreon back its freedom.
Slide 16 - The athletes oath. Morning of Day 1. Sworn before the statue of Zeus Horkios in the Bouleuterion. Sworn over a fresh sacrifice over the altar. Swear that they have obeyed all rules of training for at least 10 months. Swear not to use any unfair means in order to win. Judges swear impartiality and neutrality.
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Slide 18 - The Ancient Olympics. ‘Opening Ceremony’ – Swearing-in ceremony at Bouleterion on Day 1. Sacrifices in Altis. Day 2 victory parade for Equestrian. Day 3 sacrifice of 100 oxen at Altar of Zeus. ‘Closing Ceremony’ – Procession on Day 5 of victors to the Temple of Zeus for crowning by the hellanodikai. Feasting and celebrations.
Slide 19 - The Olimpionike. Name of victor, his father and his city called out by herald. Garlanded with red woollen ribbons on head, arms and legs. Winner’s name entered into the official records. Right to erect statue in Altis. Invitation to winners banquet in the Prytaneum.
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Slide 21 - The Stone of Bybon 142kg
Slide 22 - arete Excellence. Goodness. Valour. Nobility. Virtue.