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Stomach Cancer PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Stomach Cancer
Slide 2 - Anatomy of Stomach
Slide 3 - Physiology of Stomach Motility 1. Muscles 2. The pacemaker 3. The pylorus
Slide 4 - Physiology of Stomach Functions 1. Storage 2. Mixing food and the formation of chime 3. Controlled emptying
Slide 5 - Controlled emptyingof stomach 1. Peristalsis 2. Volume of chyme and liquids 3. Hormone modulators 4. Physicochemical modulators a) nature of food; b) caloric density; c) osmolarity; d) pH
Slide 6 - Controlled emptyingof stomach MMC - Migrating Myoelectric Complex a cycle of gastrointestinal motor activity, initiated in the stomach and propagated through the small intestine
Slide 7 - Physiology of stomach Stomach secretion: Vagus phase Stomach phase Intestinal phase
Slide 8 - Physiology of stomach Zones of secretion Cardiac zone Fundic zone Antral zone
Slide 9 - Physiology of stomach Stomach secretion Mucus Mucous cells Intrinsic factor Parietal cells H+ Parietal cells Pepsinogen Chief cells Gastrin G cells
Slide 10 - Physiology of stomach Defensive barrier a) mucus b) 1st level – cells’ apical membranes c) 2nd level – basal membrane of mucous layer
Slide 11 - Tumors of stomach Benign tumors: 1. Leiomyoma 2. Fibroma 3. Lipoma 4. Hemangioma 5. Lymphoma
Slide 12 - Tumors of stomach Gastric polyps a) hyperplastic polyps b) adenomatous polyps
Slide 13 - Gastric carcinoma Risk factors Genetic predisposition; Diet; Alcohol and smoking Atrophic gastritis; Adenomatous polyps;
Slide 14 - Gastric carcinoma Risk factors f) Nitrosamines g) Pernicious anemia Hypochlorhydria H. pylori colonization
Slide 15 - Gastric carcinoma Two morphologic types: Intestinal type Diffuse type
Slide 16 - Classification of gastric cancer Stages Stage 1 - lesion up to submucous layer Stage 2 – lesion up to serous layer Stage 3 – lesion through all layers Stage 4 – metastases to another organ
Slide 17 - Classification of gastric cancer TNM system p1 – lesion through mucous layer p2 – lesion up to muscular layer p3 – lesion up to serous layer p4 – lesion of all layers
Slide 18 - Clinical features of gastric cancer Pain Cycle-type running features General symptoms Complications
Slide 19 - Treatment of gastric cancer Distal subtotal resection Proximal subtotal resection Gastrectomy
Slide 20 - Statistics of stomach cancer 5-year survival rate: I stage 95% II stage 86% III stage 10-28% IV stage