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Sore Throat Health Issue

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Sore Throat Health Issue PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Sore Throat Is a very common ailment that usually resolves by itself and rarely needing antibiotic treatment.
Slide 2 - What is a sore throat? It is a pain at the back of your throat. Usually caused by an infection most commonly a virus. Sometimes caused by an allergy. The tonsils may also be affected.
Slide 3 - What are the symptoms? Pain But you may also have – Hoarseness Mild cough High temperature (fever) Headache Tiredness Swollen neck glands Feeling tired and sick
Slide 4 - Tonsillitis? If your tonsils are also inflamed (Tonsillitis) then your symptoms are usually more severe particularly : Very high temperature. Feeling very unwell. The tonsils when seen in a mirror, are swollen, red and may show spots of pus.
Slide 5 - What should I do for a sore throat? Have plenty to drink to avoid dehydration (lack of fluid in the body). Take paracetamol to ease the pain and bring down the temperature. Use gargles, lozenges and sprays to ease the pain.
Slide 6 - Do I need an Antibiotic? Usually no (most throat infections are caused by viruses and not bacteria). Antibiotics only kill bacteria and not viruses. Antibiotics can cause side-effects. Only the doctor could decide if or when to take them.
Slide 7 - When would the doctor prescribe an antibiotic? If the infection is severe. If not caused by a virus. If not any better after a few days. If you have a problem with your immune system. If you have heart valve problems or had rheumatic fever in the past.
Slide 8 - When should we seek a doctor’s advice? For all small children. For severe or unusual symptoms such as -difficulty in breathing or swallowing saliva or opening mouth. Very high temperature (38°C and over). Symptoms not any better after 3 or 4 days. All the frail and the elderly. If you are on Carbimazole treatment. If somewhat concerned.
Slide 9 - Remember : Most throat infections heal by themselves and do not need an antibiotic. Take plenty of fluids. Take paracetamol or the equivalent regularly. See a doctor if symptoms are severe or do not improve after 3 to 4 days.