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Social Media(National PTA)

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Social Media(National PTA) PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Social Media Lee Ann Kendrick, Regional Advocacy Specialist October 2013
Slide 2 - Social Media Today’s Social Media Outlets Using Social Media in the PTA setting Best Practices
Slide 3 - Social Media Who here uses some form of social media? Twitter Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Pinterest
Slide 4 - Social Media Facebook Should be your primary social media outlet Social Networking site 1.1 Billion active users 350 Million (and growing) access through mobile devices Users: Average 130 friends, connected to 80 pages 700 billion minutes are spent per month on Facebook
Slide 5 - Social Media Twitter “Microblogging” outlet Tweets = 140 Characters 300 Million users Average 300 million tweets per day 1 billion tweets a week 1.6 billion search queries per day Fun fact: It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to go from the first tweet to the billionth tweet.
Slide 6 - Social Media Google+ 500 million users Broad range of features Circles News Streams Hangouts Messenger Games
Slide 7 - Social Media YouTube Video sharing 2nd largest search engine in the world Every minute users upload 24 hours worth of video
Slide 8 - Social Media LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ Social Network for professionals 225 Million members in 200 countries and territories New Professionals joining at a rate of 2 users per second Of all the companies that use social media for recruitment, 95% use LinkedIn
Slide 9 - Social Media Instagram Social media outlet Upload, edit and share pictures Upload, edit and share videos Over 100 Million active users
Slide 10 - Social Media Flickr http://www.flickr.com/ Online image and video hosting operated by Yahoo 50 million registered users Over 6 billion images Offers users 1 terabyte of free cloud space
Slide 11 - Social Media Pinterest http://about.pinterest.com/ Digital bulletin Board Users “Pin” Articles Pictures Recipes Quotes Classroom teaching ideas 48 Million members
Slide 12 - Where Social Media & PTA Collide! PTA Awareness through Social Media Conversation catalyst for education reform and child advocacy Membership growth Member participation Volunteer development Strategic enhancement of issue campaigns
Slide 13 - Where Social Media & PTA Collide! PTA Exposure through Social Media Makes Exposure of PTA and Issue Campaigns possible 90% of people Trust peer recommendations Only 33% Trust messages from brands/organizations The implications are huge: If we can get people talking about PTA and our issue campaigns, their friends are more likely to respond favorably
Slide 14 - Social Media “Ideavirus” A good idea that is worth spreading Ideavirus’s need sneezers!
Slide 15 - Social Media Invisible Children – Works to free child soldiers in Africa – 3,458,047 Focus on the Family – 928,595 Feeding America – 464,808 Salvation Army – 167, 304 National PTA – 31,435 Stop Common Core – 3000+
Slide 16 - Can anyone give us an example of a Facebook post that received a large number of likes?An example of one the flopped?
Slide 17 - Social Media Process Rolling the Dice! D - Designated Responsibility I - Integrated Approach C- Content Creation Methods E - Editorial Calendar
Slide 18 - Designated Responsibility Who will be posting content One person A team Identify the workflow or process that works for your PTA Consider creating a policy specific to social media Negative posts – what to do?
Slide 19 - Integrated Approach Which outlets will you use? What information goes where? Frequency? Manage multiple social networks hootsuite tweetdeck http://www.socialoomph.com/ http://webtrends.about.com/od/pr6/tp/The-Top-10-Social-Media-Management-Applications.htm
Slide 20 - Content Creation Methods What are you using to capture noteworthy stories Google alerts Yahoo alerts Talkwalker Social Mention Yotify http://digitalwalt.com/google-alerts-10-best-alternatives-to-google-alerts/
Slide 21 - Editorial Calendar Helps you strategically post Develops a schedule for your members Maintains consistency Makes sure you don’t forget!
Slide 22 - Social Media Best Practices Variety Tone Timing Peak hours early morning, mid day, quitting time and late night
Slide 23 - Social Media Best Practices Twitter Respond quickly Space out tweets Too much self-promotion can be a bad thing 30% PTA Promotion 70% Related topics Choose who to follow WeFollow Tweepz Develop relationships Join the conversation
Slide 24 - Social Media Best Practices Facebook Respond quickly Join the conversation Develop Relationships Avoid “I” statements use “we”, “us”, “our” Find a “voice” that works for your PTA Make your page “sticky” Check it once, twice, three times: Grammar/spelling
Slide 25 - Social Media Best Practices Negative Posts Many experts encourage allowing a real dialogue which means allowing comments you do not like or agree with You can restate your view/opinion/position but allow your “followers” to have your back Delete rude/vulgar language and inappropriate posts
Slide 26 - Social Media Best Practices Trolls: These are people who frequent sites/pages they do not agree with and post messages Serial Trolls: These trolls will respond negatively to every post on your news feed
Slide 27 - Social Media Best Practices Dealing with Negative People Ignore them: This is hard! But be mindful, trolls are looking for a fight; if you do not give them one, they generally go away and sadly, pick on someone else. It is best to demonstrate that you will only engage folks who are receptive to meaningful discourse not those looking for a fight. The negative posting is really a bullying tactic and we cannot allow bullying behavior on our social media
Slide 28 - Social Media Best Practices If you feel it is necessary to respond: Direct your statement to all of your followers Restate your position/belief Provide a resource Example: There is lot of misinformation going around about the Common Core State Standards. Check out CCSSI FAQs to learn more.
Slide 29 - Exercise
Slide 30 - Questions
Slide 31 - For more information contact: Lee Ann Kendrick, Regional Advocacy Specialist (571)329-9365 lkendrick@pta.orgPTA.org