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Travel to see the natural beauty of Siberia

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siberia | tourism

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Siberia Holiday Tours PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 2 - THE BAIKAL LAKE Baikal is one of the most underrated sights in the Russian Federation. Being the largest lake in the world, it also possesses some of the clearest water. Its beauty has captivated many people across the ages, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t become one of them! Fun fact: The Soviet Coca-Cola knock-off was named Baikal after the lake. While you’re at it, you also will see the Baikal National Park, because the natural wonder of the Baikal doesn’t start and end with the lake itself. This park was founded in 1969 and since then has become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
Slide 3 - THE VOLCANO VALLEY Another incredible sight you will see in Buryatia is the Higol Valley, colloquially known as the Volcano Valley. Across the 20-km valley, there are scattered nine dormant volcanoes including the biggest ones: the Peretolchin Volcano and the Kropotkin Volcano. The coolest (or hottest - it’s up to you to decide!) thing about the valley is that it is covered in hardened lava, making it a lava plateau. What you walk upon here used to be the destructive and yet breathtaking molten substance coming right out of the Earth’s depths.
Slide 4 - AURORA BOREALIS TOURS Have you ever witnessed one of the most majestic atmospheric phenomena in the world, the aurora borealis? If you have not, this is your opportunity! And if you have, you surely know just how incredible it is, so why not go see it once again? Due to its geographical position, the Russian Federation is one of the countries that have access to this lightshow. Of course, you cannot see it everywhere in Russia’s territory, so this trip will take you north, to the city of Murmansk. Its name being derived from the word “norseman”, it once served as a trading ground between the Russians and the Norse. Nowadays, it is a port that is accessible throughout the year thanks to the warm currents of the region. In Russia, it’s affectionately known as the Fish Capital of the country – and indeed, a massive part of its fish procurement is based in Murmansk.
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