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RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program

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RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program AGENDA Shrink wrap overview The Problem The Team The Challenge The Recycling Program Pilot and First Year Success Factors Next Steps
Slide 2 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program Shrink Wrap and Clear Polyethylene One of the most common ways to protect boats during winter storage season. 90% of the material is white and 10% is blue Can only be used once; hence the problem of disposal Usually installed by the boatyard or an independent contractor In the state of RI, it is estimated that there is over 100 Tons of shrink wrap used annually Further, clear polyethylene is also equally as prevalent in boatyards and marinas The bulk of this material was being taken away as solid waste
Slide 3 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Problem How to dispose of it in the spring, commonly called “unwrapping season” (April 15 – June15th) Large boatyards can have as many as 400 hundred boats that are stored and wrapped The material is bulky and difficult to compact The primary disposal option was to fill dumpsters Very costly Very wasteful One company, “Dr. Shrink” had a recycling program that relied on UPS, but it was limited in its effectiveness
Slide 4 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Team Approach – Critical for Success Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation Represents the state and is responsible for the landfill and recycling efforts Their issue was prolonging life of landfill and initiating a recycling effort for this material. They were the catalyst Rhode Island Marine Trades Association Represents the industry including marinas, boatyards, boat builders and other vendors Institutional Recycling Network Specializes in the business of recycling with strong emphasis on seeking markets and helping with logistics
Slide 5 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Challenge A successful program needed certain elements: Ability to have material removed promptly (I.e. weekly) Simple to implement What was “clean” How to package it How to store it Educational brochures and signage…a big help Cost effective for both boat owner and the boatyard A commercially viable secondary market for the material so that recycling company was motivated to collect and re-sell LOGISTICS / LOGISTICS / LOGISTICS
Slide 6 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Program Details Participating boatyards buy a supply of large poly bags @ $10.00 each, which is paid to IRN When boats are unwrapped, zippers and straps are removed from the material, the material is then rolled up tightly and packed into the poly bags The bags of material are then stored, preferably under cover, in a designated area on site A compacter truck comes by on a regular route to collect the bags and transport to the recycling company The $10.00 fee for the bag should cover the cost of collection The recycler takes 100% of the value of the reclaimed material
Slide 7 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Pilot Program During the Spring of 2005, we initiated a Pilot Program with a selected group of yards: Different geographies within the state Different size yards (big and small) We wanted to watch the program carefully to understand the issues and limitations, concerns and areas of improvement: The right size poly bag The method for cleaning and packaging the material The frequency of pick ups required The reaction from customers (which ultimately pay for the bag and labor)
Slide 8 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The Pilot Program 15 Participating boatyards Managed the program weekly throughout the unwrapping season Communication Tracking of each pick up Getting a sense of the seasonality Listening for problems Collected 20 tons of material during the pilot program
Slide 9 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program The First Full Year Based on success of pilot program, we ramped up our efforts to enlist as many participants as possible in the program for spring 2006 We ended up with 40 participating boatyards and marinas for 2006 We collected 45 tons of material
Slide 10 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program Issues Material must be picked up in a timely fashion Yards do not have room to stockpile Material should not be out in rain Important to remove containments Zippers, straps, vents Smaller yards off the beaten path were missed Need to figure out satellite collection to keep logistics cost effective Managing the “DIY’s” who unwrap own boat Some push back from boat owners, but most were supportive
Slide 11 - RIMTA Shrink Wrap Recycling Program Next Steps Increase participation by RI marinas and boatyards We have 133 listed marina / boatyards in state Target 50% or 68 for next season Increase the promotional literature Educate marinas on the economics of shipping air / tipping fees vs. recycling Look at clear poly volumes Year round issue Do the economics work Other waste streams Anti freeze containers (by the thousands)