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Slide 1 - 10th American History Unit VI – Looking Toward the Future Chapter 23 – Into the Twenty-First Century Section 2 – George W. Bush’s Presidency
Slide 2 - Challenges for Our Century (04:27)
Slide 3 - George W. Bush’s Presidency The Main Idea Following a troubled election, Republican George W. Bush won the White House and strongly promoted his agenda. Reading Focus What were the unusual circumstances of the election of 2000? What were key components of George W. Bush’s domestic policy? What were the key components and figures in Bush’s foreign policy?
Slide 4 - What were the unusual circumstances of the election of 2000? Republicans chose George W. Bush whose running mate was Dick Cheney of Wyoming. The Democrats The economy prospered and the government had a budget surplus, but some Democrats were uncomfortable with Clinton’s image. Al Gore was the Democratic nominee and he chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate. The Republicans Election-night results showed that the race was hinged on the outcome in a single state—Florida. The returns in Florida were so close that news reports changed their minds three times. A Troubled Election
Slide 5 - The Election of 2000 Recounts and Legal Wrangling A Florida recount gave Bush 300 more votes than Gore. Democrats questioned the Florida balloting. Thousands of ballots had gone uncounted; many ballots were rejected by the machines because voters had made mistakes. Democrats wanted a hand recount of the ballots. Republicans opposed a hand recount because of human error and individual judgment. Both sides filed lawsuits aimed at forcing or preventing recounts. Bush v. Gore The Florida Supreme Court ordered recounts in certain Florida counties. Bush appealed the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court The Supreme Court ruled that a recount was unconstitutional. After the Court’s ruling, Gore conceded the presidency. Bush became president despite of having received fewer popular votes than his opponent.
Slide 6 - Election of 2000 Election of 2000 Candidates: Republican- George Bush Democrat- Al Gore Campaign issues abortion campaign financing reform defense economy/energy education gun control environment Health care taxes Outcome- Closest in American History. Between Nov. 8 and Dec. 13 after the Supreme ordered no further recounts, there were various recounts. 50,996,000 to 50,456,000 votes. 271-266 electoral.
Slide 7 - Florida, 2000: The Controversy Over the Count (04:53)
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Slide 10 - President George Bush 43rd President- 2001- 2005 - Republican Who was he? Domestic Policies $1.6 Trillion tax cut- primarily to help wealthy. Sept. 11 Terrorist attack on World Trade Center and the Pentagon have push emphasis on foreign affairs. Office of Homeland Security Slow response to financial scandals- Enron Signed corporate-fraud bill - July 2002 2003- cut taxes by $670 billion over 10 years. Over 1/2 benefits go to 10% richest Americans.
Slide 11 - George W. Bush’s domestic policy As Bush took office the economy began to slow. Dot.com profits failed to appear. Stock prices were hurt by dishonest accounting practice scandals. Bush pushed tax cuts to fulfill campaign promises and to spur the slumping economy. New laws cut taxes, reduced the marriage penalty, and lowered the estate tax. The economy did not improve, it went into a recession. Tax cuts in 2003 eliminated the tax on dividends.
Slide 12 - Bush’s Domestic Policy In 2003 Bush updated the Medicare program. Included a benefit to help Medicare recipients pay for prescription medicine. Education Bush announced the No Child Left Behind Act to improve education. States were required to develop academic standards and test students annually to ensure that the standards were being met. Health Care Established the White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives to help religious community-service organizations develop greater access to federal funding. Other Issues
Slide 13 - Bush’s Second Term Bush ran against Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and won re-election in another close contest. Bush announced his plan to reform Social Security. By late 2005, Congress had still not acted on Bush’s idea to privatize Social Security. Bush also filled vacancies on the Supreme Court. John Roberts was confirmed as Chief Justice. Bush named Harriet Miers to replace Sandra Day O’Connor but she withdrew her name from contention. Bush nominated conservative judge Samuel Alito to replace O’Connor in 2005.
Slide 14 - Bush’s Foreign Policy The People Colin Powell—Secretary of state Condoleezza Rice—National security advisor After the 2004 election, Powell resigned and Rice took over as Secretary of state Donald Rumsfeld—Secretary of defense The Policy Cancelled the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty This caused friction between the U.S. and the Soviet Union and the U.S. and China. Bush helped promote the so-called Middle East road map to peace. Most important foreign-policy event was the terrorist attack of 9/11
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Slide 16 - Russia Bush cancelled the 1972 ABM Treaty. We no longer felt threatened by Russia. More dangerous were terrorists. Caused some friction with the Russians. Did cut the US arsenal. Putkin
Slide 17 - China Wanted China’s cooperation in putting pressure on North Korea to end its nuclear weapons building. Also Trade and maintaining relations with Taiwan. China is competitor not a friend.
Slide 18 - Middle East The”Road Map” to peace in the Middle East. A Palestinian State and a Jewish State.