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Political Leaders and Domestic Issues PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Political leaders, Domestic Policies, Cold War, and the Quiet Revolution
Slide 2 - John Diefenbaker Prime minister from 1957-63 Progressive Conservative party- defeating Liberal Party Populist leader, in the long-term unable to reach his goals -Cut personal Income Taxes -Raised old Age Pension Payouts
Slide 3 - White Board List 2 other Populist leaders.
Slide 4 - Diefenbaker creates the Bill of rights freedom of speech and religion limited equal rights the right to life, liberty, security of person, and fundamental justice the enjoyment of property the right to counsel
Slide 5 - Criticisms Does not cancel any conflicting laws the bill of rights was not a constitutional amendment The bill only affects matters in the constitution of 1867
Slide 6 - White Board What is an example of state/provincial law conflicting with a Federal Law
Slide 7 - The Columbia River Treaty is a 1964 agreement between Canada and the US to build dams in the upper Columbia basin for power and flood control
Slide 8 - Pros of the Dam BC hydro, the company employed to build the dam Supplied electricity into remote communities BC hydro also provided electricity, running water, telephone services, a school, a church, a park and stores. better flood protection
Slide 9 - Cons of the Dam had to relocate and compensate hundreds of people who lived on arrow on arrow lake River Valley for thousands of years, lost sacred burial grounds, an extremely devastating experience for their community cost to BC to build the three dams exceeded the revenue initially received province also had to pay for improved highway, bridges, railway relocation, as well as welfare increases for the people affected by installation of the dams
Slide 10 - Pierre Trudeau prime minister from 1968-1979 and again in 1980-1984 Liberal party in 1968
Slide 11 - Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Full integration of French and English in the federal governments services and documents Two official languages in the country Openness to the world and an open immigration policy
Slide 12 - October Crisis 1970 FLQ Front de Liberation du Quebec(Leftist radical French Canadian independence group) Kidnapped British trade Commissioner James Cross(British Trrade Commissioner Gov implement War Measures Act Allowed use of military force, FLQ illegal, and suspected association reason for arrest Suspended Civil Liberties Gov refused to Negotiate
Slide 13 - October Crisis Outcome Because of Gov Actions FLQ kidnapped and killed Minister of Labour (Quebec) Gov found FLQ hideout Cross is released- negotiated with his kidnappers- 5 were flown to Cuba FLQ lost all political following in Canada
Slide 14 - Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:1982 Trudeau’s second term guarantees the rights of individuals by enshrining those rights, and certain limits on them, in the highest law of the land Trumps any provincial or local law Charter expanded the rights of minorities Replaceed 1960 Bill of Rights which only covered Federal Law
Slide 15 - Cold War Fears Diefenbaker 1950’s-early 60’s North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and defense for N. America joined because the fear that a soviet attack would come across Canada
Slide 16 - Avro Arrow Project under Diefenbaker Canadian built fighter against the USSR Cancelled the project costing Canada $ and Jobs Jet was replaced by US anti Air Missiles
Slide 17 - WHITE BOARD QUESTION What benefits does Canada gain in joining NORAD?
Slide 18 - 1950’s and Early 60’s Defense Spending 25K troops sent to Korean War Under Diefenbaker- high defense spending(Cold War) 1950’s Canada rebuilt military Soviet Threat 10K troops stationed in Europe Part of NATO
Slide 19 - White Board What does the US spend the most on? What other things could this money go to in your opinion?
Slide 20 - Social Welfare Programs 1960’s :Lester Pearson Pearson Cut $ from Defense for Social Programs Education- Canada Student Loans Program 64- low cost loans for university or trade school Government would cover on defaulted loans Canadian Pension Plan- more benefit in retirement Provinces could enact own plans with fed $ MEDICARE ACT-Universal Health Care for all Canadians Federal money to provide equal healthcare in all provinces
Slide 21 - Discuss Do you like the Canadian Model or the American Model?
Slide 22 - White Board What is the dominant group in Canada?
Slide 23 - Quiet/Silent Revolution Prior to rev Fr Can seen as backward, rural, & less educated 1960’s Fr Can in Quebec increased movement to the cities Went away from conservative Catholic Values Demanded secularization and modernization of cities and schools Resented the dominance of wealthy English speaking Canadians in their province Led by liberal Union National Party
Slide 24 - White board What will be the goal of the Silent revolution?
Slide 25 - Actions of the Revolution. Quebec increased taxes and spent more to provide modern services to their population 1962 Nationalized Power(Hydro Quebec) Bought from English Speaking companies Gov took over gas, water , and electrical services for lower cost to people
Slide 26 - Change in Quebec and City of Montreal Education would be transformed away from churches Increased teaching standards to national level Given a higher level French education and English secondary 1974 Official Language Act- French is official language of Q All these actions made city of Montreal a modern city with vibrant economy with an educated population.