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Planet Earth PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Planet Earth Force Laws in Nature - Dynamics kinds - sources - strengths - ranges - mediators
Slide 2 - Review Newton’s Laws Law of Inertia - definition of mass F = ma mutual interaction These give the existence and strength of all forces There seems to be a myriad of forces we deal with each day - they all can be related to just 4!
Slide 3 - Force Laws Gravity Electricity and Magnetism Strong Nuclear Weak Nuclear
Slide 4 - Gravity Force Distance behavior source of the force cause? receiver - what can feel the force 1/r2 gravitational charge - mass (m) gravitational charge - mass (m) F = Gm1m2/r2 ATTRACTIVE ONLY - LARGE SCALE STRUCTURE/ STABILITY OF THE UNIVERSE
Slide 5 - Electric force Distance source receiver 1/r2 charge(q) charge (q) F= kq1q2/r2 ATTRACTIVE AND REPULSIVE - STABILITY OF THE ATOM/MOLECULES/MATTER
Slide 6 - Strong Force Distance source receiver Scotch tape 10-13cm many “charges” many “charges” ?????????????? ATTRACTIVE AND REPLUSLIVE STABILITY OF ATOMIC NUCLEOUS
Slide 7 - Weak Force Distance source receiver Scotch tape 10-16cm many “charges” many “charges” ???????????????? Radio active decay - instability of matter
Slide 8 - Range Gravity E & M Strong Weak Infinite Infinite Short 10-13 cm Very short 10-16 cm
Slide 9 - Strength Strong E & M Weak Gravity 1 10-2 10-13 10-42
Slide 10 - Mediators Strong E & M Weak Gravity Gluons Photons Weakons Gravitons Exchange particles (1949) vs. Action at a distance /field concept (19th century)