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Parts of the Airplane

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Parts of the Airplane PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Parts of the Airplane Review Mr. Zushma – Technology & Design for Science & Engineering
Slide 2 - Identify the parts of the airplane:
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Slide 4 - FUSELAGE The FUSELAGE is the cargo area. It is where the pilot and passengers are found. Fuselage
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Slide 6 - MAIN WING The main wing provides lift. It makes the airplane fly. Main Wing
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Slide 8 - REAR STABILIZER The rear stabilizer aids the plane in flying upright. Rear Stabilizer
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Slide 10 - Ailerons The Ailerons cause the plane to bank. Ailerons
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Slide 12 - FLAPS The FLAPS act as an air brake. Flaps
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Slide 14 - ELEVATOR The elevator makes the plane go up and down using the yoke. Elevator
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Slide 16 - VERTICAL FIN The vertical fin is the tail section of the airplane. Vertical Fin
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Slide 18 - RUDDER The rudder controls the direction of nose of the airplane. Rudder
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Slide 20 - PROPELLER The propeller provides thrust Propeller
Slide 21 - All of the parts of the airplane working together keep the airplane in the air. FUSELAGE MAINWING REAR STABILIZER AILERONS FLAPS VERTICAL FIN RUDDER ELEVATOR PROPELLER
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