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Networking PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Networking Methods Indiana University Kelley School of Business C. Randall Powell, Ph.D.
Slide 2 - Networking The Art of Building Relationships
Slide 3 - Goals of the Workshop define networking and its importance identify skills used in networking develop a networking plan
Slide 4 - Benefits to Networking companies estimate that they fill more than 25% of their positions by networking Research indicates that approximately 75% of people find new jobs through networking earlier chance at an opportunity building a professional network for the future
Slide 5 - What is Networking? it’s a learned skill it’s all about visibility it’s about creating your own ‘community’ it’s about building alliances, not just about job hunting it’s not a replacement for talent, it’s about being recognized as talented
Slide 6 - Defining Networking “It’s not what you know, but who you know” establishing contacts to gain or exchange ideas and information of employment opportunities in such a way that builds personal relationships the U.S. Department of Labor conveys that 48% of all job connections are made through personal networking
Slide 7 - Networking is NOT… contacting everyone you know when you are looking for a new job cold-calling people you don’t know a one-way street…it must benefit both parties about gaining the confidence to call strangers to ask for a job always productive…expect some persons to not respond
Slide 8 - Networking IS… a way of life started long before a job search maintaining connections and building alliances often more effective on an informal basis collecting information, educating yourself about employment opportunities, increasing your list of professional contacts, and informing them of your availability
Slide 9 - Tapping the Hidden Job Market experience shows that networking is a very rich source of job leads information about unpublished job openings career advice
Slide 10 - Obstacles to Networking lack of commitment, effort, discipline, self-esteem, persistence, mental toughness failure to socialize, stay connected, treat others as yourself, appreciate diversity, organize, make the 1st move reluctance to sell yourself, join in, take risks, gain from others’ experiences complacency, being unlucky, feeling stressed
Slide 11 - Learning Networking Skills start with people you know move on to the referrals get to the decision makers make contact conduct informational interviews follow-up
Slide 12 - Where to Find Contacts business cards collected professors, friends, relatives professional association colleagues chambers of commerce alumni former supervisors social contacts, former classmates, former group members church members don’t be biased…use all resources
Slide 13 - Networking Activities CAREER EVENTS!!!!!! attending professional or trade association meetings talking to parents…yours and your friends volunteering in your community membership in social or religious groups visiting with your neighbors chatting with others while waiting
Slide 14 - Send the Right Message be concise with a short message about career experience opportunities of interest to you use powerful words, such as those in your resume, to describe your skills and results
Slide 15 - A Few Basic Rules contacts need to feel they are heard and respected…LISTEN well you’re building trust, NOT selling gain visibility, gather info, create a favorable and lasting impression balance your talking too much and you frustrate the contact too little and you miss sharing your talents
Slide 16 - Further Follow-up it’s a good idea to send a follow-up letter to the person who referred you to this contact touch base periodically using phone, email or mail with contacts to keep them updated tell them of your activities this builds your professional network
Slide 17 - Networking is Time Consuming it’s a numbers game…the more you contact, the higher the odds that you gain access and exposure success depends on effective communication personal commitment dedication thorough follow-up
Slide 18 - Strategies for Successful Networking Adopt a positive attitude Focus on the benefits of the event Plan your self-introduction Prepare for small talk Remember eye contact and smile PRACTICE YOUR HANDSHAKE!! Source: Susan RoAne – A Guide to Successfully Managing the Mingling
Slide 19 - Networking The process of increasing visibility through social contact
Slide 20 - If you would like to learn more, Career Planning Strategies textbook will supply additional information on this topic.