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LIVER CANCER PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - LIVER CANCER By: Julia Cardia
Slide 2 - Causes Cancer is spread from another part of the body (usually colon, lung, breast) and goes to the liver…this is known as SECONDARY LIVER CANCER Started in the liver from hepatitis…this is known as…PRIMARY LIVER CANCER Birth Defects Alcohol Abuse Chronic Infection
Slide 3 - Incidents Only 2% of Liver Cancer cases are Primary Liver Cancer Found in twice as many men as women
Slide 4 - Risks Over the age of 50yrs old Men Birth Control Pills
Slide 5 - Symptoms No real signs/ symptoms until cancer progresses Loss of weight/appetite Abdominal Pain in upper right part of Abdomen Nausea/Vomiting Weakness/ Fatigue Enlarged Liver Abdominal Swelling Yellow discharge of skin and in eyes (aka juandice)
Slide 6 - Tests Examination of body (check for lumps) Serum Tumor Marker Test = blood sample to check for high levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Blood count test = checks for hemoglobin (oxygen protein) in red blood cells Biopsy CAT Scan MRI
Slide 7 - Treatment Cryosurgery = freezes/destroys abnormal tissue Partial Hepatectomy = Removal of the part of Liver where cancer is Total Hepatectomy and Liver Transplant = Removal of the whole Liver Radiofrequency ablation = probe with tiny electrodes that kills cancer cells; is is inserted through the abdomen
Slide 8 - Prognosis Chance of Living Depends on… Size of tumor How well the Liver is working Patient’s general health
Slide 9 - Complications Liver Failure = liver does not function properly Kidney Failure = kidneys lose ability to filter fluids and waste, and the substances accumulate throughout the body Spread of the Cancer = other organs become cancerous
Slide 10 - Prevention Educate yourself Use protection Use a clean needle if you inject drugs Avoid tattoos/piercings Avoid consuming large quantities of alcohol
Slide 11 - THE END