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Slide 1 - Abraham Lincoln: The Husband & The Father
Slide 2 - An Abbreviated Timeline of Abraham Lincoln’s Life Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky 1816 Moved to Indiana with his family 1830 Moved to Illinois with his family Married Mary Todd Robert Todd (1st son) born Edward Baker (Eddie, 2nd son) born 1846 Abraham was elected to Congress WilliamWallace (Willie, 3rd son) born 1850 Edward (Eddie) dies, possibly from tuberculosis Thomas (Tad, 4th son) born Abraham elected 16th President of United States William (Willie) dies, possibly from typhoid fever Abraham elected to 2nd term of office Abraham assassinated in Washington D.C. Thomas (Tad) dies, possibly from tuberculosis Mary Todd Lincoln dies – possible stroke Robert Todd Lincoln dies – at the age of 82 Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith – final descendant of Abe and Mary - dies
Slide 3 - Abraham Becomes a Husband
Slide 4 - On November 4, 1842, Abraham Lincoln married Mary Anne Todd, 23, who was from Lexington, Kentucky. Mary was very well-educated, having attended school for 12 years. Her family was very wealthy, and owned slaves. Mary Anne Todd House, circa 2009
Slide 5 - The Lincolns lived at the Globe Tavern in Springfield, Illinois for the first year of their marriage. In the fall of 1843, they rented a three-room cottage and lived there until they bought a home for $1,500 in 1844. Located at the corner of Eight and Jackson Streets, it was the only home that they ever owned. Globe Tavern Small rental This was only one story when the Lincolns purchased it. In 1856 they added a second story.
Slide 6 - Abe and Mary had a tumulus married life. They seemed to have many differences. ABE: Poor family background Grew up on the frontier Little formal education Few social graces Introspective, moody MARY: Prosperous, prominent family background Grew up in an urban area Twelve years formal schooling Well-versed in social graces Outgoing, expressive, emotional
Slide 7 - Click on picture and listen!
Slide 8 - In their first year of marriage the Lincolns had their first child, Robert Todd, who was born on August 1, 1843. Abraham was gone much of the time, leaving Mary to run the household and take care of Robert. Robert did not have a close relationship with his father because of Abraham’s frequent and lengthily absences. Robert wrote to Margaret Leech: R Click and listen!
Slide 9 - Robert Todd Lincoln died in 1926 at the age of 82. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Robert served as U.S. Secretary of War under two presidents, and then as Minister to Great Britain. He was named as president of the Pullman Company in Chicago, Illinois, when George Pullman died. In 1868 he married Mary Eunice Harlan, and they had three children.
Slide 10 - The next child to be born was Edward Baker Lincoln, on March 10, 1846. Eddie loved all animals. He was described as a an “affectionate and delightful boy.” Abraham was reported to be an active father who did not believe in corporal punishment. Eddie at 3 years Eddie died 2 months short of his 4th birthday. He was thought to have contracted tuberculosis.
Slide 11 - William (Willie) Wallace Lincoln was the 3rd son of Abraham and Mary. Born on December 21, 1850, Willie was described as being “the most lovable boy I ever knew, bright, sensible, sweet-tempered…”
Slide 12 - Willie loved to learn. He also loved animals and war-related game. He like to accompany his father when he (Abraham) was reviewing the troops. Late in 1861 or early 1862, Willie became ill. He died on February 20, 1862. Lincoln said”…He was too good for this earth…we loved him so.”
Slide 13 - The last child to be born was also a boy, Thomas (Tad) Lincoln – April 4, 1853. Tad was very active, and very emotional. He spoke with a lisp and was thought to have had a cleft palate. He was unpredictable and enjoyed playing pranks on people who visited the White House.
Slide 14 - From A. Lincoln to Mary Todd Lincoln: The draft will go to you. Tell Tad the goats and father are very well – especially the goats (April 28, 1864) This was a response to Mary, who was in New York City: She had asked for $50.00. In 1868 Tad traveled to Europe with his mother. They stayed there for over two years. Tad attended boarding school in Germany, and then had a tutor when they moved to London. Mary and Tad returned to Chicago in May, 1871. Tad had caught a cold on the trip and arrived ill. By July, he was dangerously ill. He died July 15, 1871 as a result of infection. He was 18 years old. The cause of death was thought to be tuberculosis.
Slide 15 - Historians seem to differ on what kind of marriage the Lincolns had. Was Abe a good husband? Only Mary can answer that question. When Abraham died, she was devastated. Was Abe a good father? He doted on his children. Some say he was too lenient and let the younger boys run wild. Unlike his own childhood, Abraham made sure that his children actually experienced and enjoyed childhood. “It is my pleasure that my children are free and happy, and unrestrained by parental tyranny. Love is the chain whereby to bind a child to its parents.” A. Lincoln
Slide 16 - By: Deb DeLion, Mary Ann Riggs, Rick Whitesides Lincoln Tri-State Summer Institute June, 2009 Works Cited: Books: Davenport, Don. In Lincoln’s Footsteps. Black Earth, Wi: Trails Books, 2002. Ferguson, Andrew. Land Of Lincoln. New York, NY: Grove Press, 1956. Thorton, Brian. 101 things You didn’t Know About Lincoln. Avon, MA: Adams Media, 2006 Pictures & Documents: “The State of Illinois: Marriage Document”. Sagamo Journal, 11 Nov. 1842, p. 3. Lincoln, Abraham. “Telegram from President Lincoln to Mrs. Lincoln.” ARC Identifier 301639. National Archives, Washington D.C. 28 April, 1864. Lincoln Family Tree. (photograph) The Lincoln Museum. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Abraham Lincoln Research Site was the source of the pictures of the Lincoln family. Music: Knill, Mimi and Sibyl. Songs of the Civil War: Abraham’s Daughter. Bellerophon Books, BB1568.