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Islamic Mosque PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Islamic Mosque Learning the Form and Function
Slide 2 - World’s Largest Mosque, a Muslim house of worship, located in Lahore, Pakistan Generally it is a flat, rectangular building with a circular dome on top. Towers (minarets) are part of the structure. The central organizing feature is its orientation to the spiritual center, the Kaaba, which is the house of God in Makkah.
Slide 3 - Minaret Located in Yemen, the adhan (call to prayer) is given from here. Over time Minarets have become more prominent in appearance Muslims pray five times a day Adhan can be heard over great distances- up to ten blocks with loud speakers
Slide 4 - Sahn (courtyard) The ablution fountain is in the foreground. Arcade (covered walkway) is behind it. A courtyard where Muslims can meet without disturbing those inside. An arcade surrounds the sahn and provides shelter from heat and rain Ablution fountains used to wash hands, feet, and face before prayer Symbolic for need to spiritually be pure and clean ; prepare to meet God.
Slide 5 - Salat (prayer) The prayer hall Muslims remove shoes before stepping onto the carpeted floor. Open design allows for standing, bowing, prostrating, and kneeling during salat. Symbolic for the need for humility, obedience
Slide 6 - Minbar The minbar is located along the qiblah wall (the wall that indicates the direction of the Kaaba, the house of God, located in Makkah. Raised puplit where imam stands while leading Khutba (Friday service) Top step, with canopy, is left vacant out of respect for Muhammad
Slide 7 - Mihrab It is a sacred space set in the qiblah wall (the wall that indicates the direction of the House of God in Makkah). Provides a place for imam to stand when leading prayers Shape symbolizes “cave of the world” Facing quiblah wall symbolizes unified worship
Slide 8 - Dome Circular ceiling formed by series of vaults Ensures visibility by lighting the prayer area Creates a sense of warmth and openness
Slide 9 - Islamic Design, 7.3.3 Muslims believe in the absolute oneness and infiniteness of God. They also believe that Allah does not have form or shape because God is infinite and all-powerful. Because of this they do not represent God in a physical form. Any physical representation is flawed compared to God’s creation.
Slide 10 - Infinity How do you represent the concept of infinity? Draw your idea of infinity. * Next you will discover how Muslims dealt with the challenge of infinity.
Slide 11 - Hexagon:Beehive Least amount of work (perimeter) Holds the most honey (area) Infinitely stacked and repeated (tessellation) Tessellation’s repeated pattern shows infinity. Mathematical precision shows perfect balance and harmony.
Slide 12 - A thirteenth century mosque in Turkey. Shape A
Slide 13 - Decorative Detail from the mausoleum of Sultan Kalawan in Cairo, Egypt. Shape D
Slide 14 - A portal from the Buyat Karatay Madrasah in Konya, Turkey. Shape C
Slide 15 - A fourteenth century wooden door from the Sarij Madrasah (mosque school) in Fez, Morocco. Shape B