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IRC-Interactive Recycling Bin-EPICS PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - 1 IRC – Interactive Recycling Bin BGI
Slide 2 - 2 Team Members Praveen Margana – Senior ECE Project Leader Ming Lei – Junior ME Project Consultant Theodore Fabella – Freshman CHE Project Partner Liason Michael Shyr – Freshman CMPE Webmaster BGI
Slide 3 - 3 Project Partner Katie Graham Program & Development Manager Indiana Recycling Coalition “Our Mission is to support source reduction, reuse, composting and recycling activities in Indiana.” -IRC BGI
Slide 4 - 4 Information Background Information Project began last semester – Fall 2010 Goals of the Project To make recycling more entertaining, interactive, and user friendly Potential Recycle bin for the Super Bowl 2012 held in Lucas Oil Stadium. BGI
Slide 5 - 5 Assumptions On average, 70,000 people attend the Super Bowl each year. On average, every person will consume three beverages throughout the game. On average, every person will consume two food items throughout the game. BGI These values are personal assumptions
Slide 6 - 6 Estimates Estimated weight of total cups from beverages: 2 tons Estimated weight of wrappers from food: ½ ton Estimated weight of napkins and condiments: ½ ton Total amount of recyclable material: 3 tons Total amount of recyclable material per person: .085 lbs Average weight of cup: .018 lbs Average weight of wrapper: .008 lbs BGI These values are personal assumptions
Slide 7 - 7 Design Estimates Capacity of recycling bin: 416 lbs One recycling bin will cover the recyclables of about 5000 people. On average there are 33 pounds of material recycled per minute. Based on these assumptions and estimates, each recycling bin will last 13 minutes. However, this is a highly variable estimate due to the non-linearity of the situation and lack of consideration with respect to half time. BGI These values are personal assumptions
Slide 8 - 8 Design Requirements Durable Withstands a fall, if pushed/kicked over Multi-stream Recycling Attractive Encourages recycling in some way Cost Effective Less than 100 dollars Environmentally friendly Low power requirements BGI
Slide 9 - 9 How will we know when we meet these requirements? We will test our prototype bin at Purdue’s Basketball and Football games. If the amount of recycling in our prototype bin is more than the amount of recycling in a normal bin, we have succeeded. Criteria for Success BGI
Slide 10 - 10 BGI Brain Storm
Slide 11 - 11 Components Power Supply, Switch, Light Material inserted into the bin will require the flap to move, which will trigger the switch to turn on and off, which causes the light to flip on and off. BGI
Slide 12 - Construction Issues Encountered Recycling bin flap was not spring based, the flap moved with weight. Battery pack was heavier than expected. Mounting the lights onto the recycle bin lid. Mounting the switch onto a curved surface. 12 BGI
Slide 13 - Prototype The Light Turns on when it is switched by the flap on the inside. However long the person pushes in the flap is how long the light will stay on for. Signs showing what type of material can be recycled. Uses one plastic bag for materials. 13 BGI
Slide 14 - 14 Tests Test for durability. Successful and withstands a knock over. BGI
Slide 15 - 15 Tests Test for durability. Withstands multiple and consecutive activations of the light 100 times. BGI
Slide 16 - 16 Tests Test of different materials. Successful, and still activates when different recyclables are recycled. BGI
Slide 17 - 17 Tests Test for ease of maintenance (changing the bag). Successful and can be easily changed with the lid taken off. BGI
Slide 18 - 18 Budget Information BGI
Slide 19 - 19 Future Plans Future goals for this project will be to innovate by adding sound, display boards or other features. Product delivery date is Fall 2011. Planned for use in Super Bowl 2012 BGI