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Slide 1 - History of the Internet WeeSan Lee weesan@cs.ucr.edu
Slide 2 - ppt slide no 2 content not found
Slide 3 - 1969 ARPANET was born. 4 nodes were inter-connected: UCLA,SRI,UCSB, U. of Utah Charley Kline from UCLA sent 1st packet. First RFC by Steve Crocker.
Slide 4 - 1970 RFC maintained by Jon Postel (the RFC-editor). ARPANET used NCP (Network Control Protocol), first end-to-end protocol
Slide 5 - 1971 15 nodes were connected. Ray Tomlinson of BBN invented email program.
Slide 6 - 1972 @ was chosen by Ray Tomlinson to separate the userid and hostname. First computer-to-computer chat program at UCLA.
Slide 7 - 1973 Ethernet was invented by Bob Metcalfe's (Harvard PhD Thesis)
Slide 8 - 1974 TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) was invented by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn.
Slide 9 - 1975 First mailing list was created by Steve Walker.
Slide 10 - 1976 Queen Elizabeth II sent out an email.
Slide 11 - 1978 TCP splited into TCP and IP.
Slide 12 - 1979 3Com was co-founded by Bob Metcalfe.
Slide 13 - 1981 BITNET (Because It’s Time NETwork) was started.
Slide 14 - 1982 DoD used TCP/IP to inter-connect networks. Thus, the Internet!!!
Slide 15 - 1983 NCP → TCP/IP. ARPANET was split into ARPANET and MILNET. BSD included TCP/IP.
Slide 16 - 1984 DNS (Domain Name System) was introduced. > 1000 hosts.
Slide 17 - 1986 NSFNET was created, connecting 5 super-computers. IETF was formed. NNTP was created.
Slide 18 - 1987 > 10,000 hosts.
Slide 19 - 1988 First Internet Worm released by Morris. CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was formed as a result. IRC was created.
Slide 20 - 1989 > 100,000 hosts
Slide 21 - 1990 ARPANET ceased. AOL, CompuServe provided dial-up service.
Slide 22 - 1991 WWW was created by Tim Berners-Lee from CERN. Linux was released by Linus Torvalds.
Slide 23 - 1992 > 1,000,000 hosts. MBONE was created.
Slide 24 - 1993 Network Solution, Inc was chosen to provide domain name registration. www.whitehouse.gov online. Mosaic was created.
Slide 25 - 1994 NSFNET was transformed to commercial network. Shopping mall. Can order pizza online.
Slide 26 - 1995 NSFNET was reverted back to research-only network. Realaudio started. Netscape IPO. Win95 released. Bob Metcalfe predicted the Internet would collapse.
Slide 27 - 1996 Browser war (Netscape vs. IE) began. tv.com sold to CNET for $15,000.
Slide 28 - 1997 www.whitehouse.com online. business.com sold for $150,000
Slide 29 - 1998 2M domain names registered. Compaq bought altavista.com for $3.3M. Google founded. Jon Postel (RFC-editor) died.
Slide 30 - 1999 First online banking. business.com sold for $7.5B Napster released. Al Gore invented the Internet???
Slide 31 - 2000 Millennium bug. Dotcom → dotgone. Clinton made first webcast.
Slide 32 - 2001 Wikipedia launched.
Slide 33 - 2002 Myspace launched.
Slide 34 - 2003 Facebook launched.
Slide 35 - 2005 Vint Cerf joined Google.
Slide 36 - 2006 > 439M hosts. 10 new computers joined the Internet every second.
Slide 37 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Internet_map_1024.jpg Internet Map
Slide 38 - Reference The History of the Internet http://www.isoc.org/internet/history/cerf.shtml http://www.walthowe.com/navnet/history.html Timeline http://www.zakon.org/robert/internet/timeline/ http://www.isoc.org/internet/history/2002_0918_Internet_History_and_Growth.ppt Al Gore invented the Internet? http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~fessler/misc/funny/gore,net.txt http://sethf.com/gore/ Who is managing the Internet? http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/views/v6i5_simoneli.html