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Information on Blindness PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Information on Blindness Student presentation August 2005
Slide 2 - What does blind or visually impaired mean?Blind people cannot see at all. People with low vision and blind people have special ways of reading, writing, and moving from place to place.
Slide 3 - How do people become visually impaired?Some people are born with a visual impairment. Other people become that way from an accident or disease.
Slide 4 - Some blind people’s eyes may look “different”.
Slide 5 - How do blind people read? Blind children read Braille with their fingertips. Braille is a special alphabet made up of a system of dots that are punched into thick paper. It was created by Louis Braille in 1824. A blind person who knows Braille reads by feeling the dots and recognizing the words.
Slide 6 - How do blind people write? Braille is written on a Braille computer/notetaker or with a braillewriter. These machines only have 6 keys – each key represents one of the Braille dots – and a key for making a space between words. They can also use a computer with speech.
Slide 7 - How do blind people get from place to place? Blind people have a cane. Sometimes they are helped by a sighted person. The cane helps the blind person avoid bumping into things by swinging the cane at ground level back and forth in front of his or her body.
Slide 8 - Sighted Guide Sometimes a blind person needs the help of a sighted guide. Anyone, including you, can act as a guide. The blind person holds your arm just above the elbow and follows you, the guide, a half step behind to avoid objects in the way.
Slide 9 - What do blind children do for fun? Just like you, it really depends on likes and abilities. They run, swim, go to meetings, play musical instruments, go to movies, watch television and listen to music.
Slide 10 - How do blind people find things? They have to be very neat. They have their things in the same place every day to find them. To pick out what to wear in the morning, blind kids may feel the texture of their clothes, or remember the order their clothes are hung in their closet.
Slide 11 - How can I help? Give verbal directions to locate an object… never push from behind or pull the person around by the hand/arm. When walking with a student who is traveling with a cane, you can alert them of obstacles in his/her path, but do not try to move him/her around the obstacle. Sometimes the student may need to contact an obstacle to determine where he/she is .
Slide 12 - Please speak when you enter or exit a room and introduce those around you. Always ask a blind person if he/she needs help or would like sighted guide before touching the student. When traveling in a line, the cane may contact you. This is OK because the blind person uses the person in front to maintain a straight line and determine when the line is moving.
Slide 13 - What do I do if a student with a cane is approaching me? Quickly move to the side OR Alert the cane traveler of your presence by speaking. Stand still and allow the person to negotiate around you. Please don’t jump over the cane, this can cause trips and falls!!!
Slide 14 - Please do not ask the blind person to guess your name. Many people have excellent voice recognition, but just as sighted people may remember a face, but forget a name, the same can happen with voices.
Slide 15 - How do blind people pay for things when they can’t see their money? Coins are easy to recognize by feeling them. To recognize dollar bills they fold each bill differently in their wallet.
Slide 16 - How can I help someone who is visually impaired? Tell them what is going on. Sometimes a conversation doesn’t make sense if you can’t see the expressions on people’s faces. If you don’t know if your blind friend needs help, ask. They are just like you except they can’t see. They have a different way of seeing.
Slide 17 - Websites for more info National Federation for the Blind www.nfb.org Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired www.tsbvi.edu