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Indian Culture and Music PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Indian Culture and Music 2008 Fulbright Summer Seminar to India & Sri Lanka
Slide 2 - India-South Asian Adventure! “Unity through diversity” is the theme of the approximately one billion people that live in a country that is so big, it’s called a subcontinent!
Slide 3 - India’s People Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Just Like American People People with different clothing People with different religions People with different foods People with different celebrations
Slide 4 - India’s Government India is the world’s largest democracy
Slide 5 - Famous Indians Gandhi, India’s greatest peacemaker, who influenced Martin Luther King, Jr.
Slide 6 - Where People Live in India Many Indian people live in villages in rural India
Slide 7 - Where People Live in India Other people in India live in large cities, like New Dehli, the capital Mumbai (West) Home of Bollywood, India’s Hollywood Kolkata (East) Deccan (Southern Plateau), with cities like Bangalore and Chennai
Slide 8 - India’s People Eat Many Foods Rice Vegetables Seafood Meat-however, cows are considered sacred by Hindus, many of whom are vegetarian Masala-spices Tea-common drink
Slide 9 - India’s People Have Different Religious Beliefs Hinduism Buddhism Islam (Muslims) Sikkhism Christianity Judaism
Slide 10 - India’s History Indian civilization is ancient The Indus Valley Civilization was one of the first civilizations on earth The Vedic period was a time in Indian history when the Hindu religion and caste system began in India Mughal Empire was the last and the strongest Islamic empire in India
Slide 11 - Agra & the Taj Mahal Agra is a large city in northern India It is the home of India’s greatest historical monument, the Taj Mahal
Slide 12 - Transportation in India Planes Trains Cars Rickshaws Camel & donkey carts Bicycles Walking
Slide 13 - Traditional Music of India Hindustani means classical music of North India Carnatic means classical music of South India
Slide 14 - Traditional Elements of Indian Music Melody (raga) Drone (harmony) Rhythm (tala)
Slide 15 - Indian Instruments String Wind Percussion
Slide 16 - India’s People and the Musical Instruments of India Are Very Diverse! India, the land of “Unity through diversity!”