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Incident Management System(CDC) PowerPoint Presentation

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Incident Management System(CDC) Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Basics of the Incident Management System PRESENTER’S NAME HERE
Slide 2 - Date 2 Presenter’s Name Goals of This Lecture Learn basic concepts of Incident Command / Unified Command System organization Understand ICS terminology Discuss the implementation of ICS/UCS during a bioterrorism incident
Slide 3 - Date 3 Presenter’s Name Incident Command System (ICS) Model tool for the command, control, and coordination of resources May be used for both emergent and non-emergent incidents Management tool consisting of procedures for organizing personnel, facilities, equipment, and communications at the scene of an emergency Has a flexible design that allows for many jurisdictions and many agencies
Slide 4 - Date 4 Presenter’s Name Application Can be used for any incident: Emergent: fire, HAZMAT, act of terrorism, natural disaster Non-emergent: parade, sporting event, political rally Can be used for small and large events Flexible: Can expand and contract with evolution of the event
Slide 5 - Date 5 Presenter’s Name ICS Features ICS organization Incident facilities Incident action plan Span of control Common responsibilities
Slide 6 - Date 6 Presenter’s Name General ICS Organization
Slide 7 - Date 7 Presenter’s Name Detailed ICS Organization
Slide 8 - Date 8 Presenter’s Name Incident Commander In charge at the incident Assigned by responsible jurisdiction or agency May have one or more deputy incident commanders May assign personnel for command staff & general staff Command staff includes Liaison Officer, Safety Officer, and Information Officer
Slide 9 - Date 9 Presenter’s Name The Command Staff Information Officer Safety Officer Liaison Officer
Slide 10 - Date 10 Presenter’s Name General Staff Operations Section Chief Planning / Intelligence Section Chief Logistics Section Chief Finance / Administration Section Chief
Slide 11 - Date 11 Presenter’s Name Operations Section Chief Develop & manage the operations section Accomplish the incident objectives Only one person assigned to this role
Slide 12 - Date 12 Presenter’s Name Planning Section Chief Collection, evaluation, dissemination, and use of information about the development of the incident and the status of resources Responsible for creating action plan
Slide 13 - Date 13 Presenter’s Name Logistics Section Chief Provides all support needs Orders all resources from off-incident locations Responsible to acquire Facilities Services Personnel Equipment Materials
Slide 14 - Date 14 Presenter’s Name Finance Section Chief Responsible for tracking all incident costs and evaluating the financial considerations of the incident Time units Procurement unit Compensation/claims unit Cost unit
Slide 15 - Date 15 Presenter’s Name Divisions Divide An Incident Geographically A B A B
Slide 16 - Date 16 Presenter’s Name Groups Pool specialized resource teams Establish functional areas of operation
Slide 17 - Date 17 Presenter’s Name Branches Maintain Span of Control of Groups and Divisions There Are Two Types Of Branches Geographic Branches Functional Branches
Slide 18 - Date 18 Presenter’s Name Incident Facilities Incident command post Staging areas
Slide 19 - Date 19 Presenter’s Name Incident Action Plan Can be oral or written Includes measurable tactical objectives List of activated organizational elements Assignments to accomplish the objectives Supporting information Inform all incident supervisory personnel
Slide 20 - Date 20 Presenter’s Name Span of Control Adequate span of control is very important Optimum span of control is one to five
Slide 21 - Date 21 Presenter’s Name Common Responsibilities for All Incident Personnel Receive assignment from your agency Bring any specialized supplies or equipment Follow check-in procedures Obtain a briefing upon arrival
Slide 22 - Date 22 Presenter’s Name Unified Command System (UCS) Multi-jurisdictional and/or multi-agency responses Multi-agency command post established integrating the various agencies/jurisdictions UCS provides the structure for the federal, state and local on-scene coordinators to work effectively and efficiently during a response
Slide 23 - Date 23 Presenter’s Name UCS Structure
Slide 24 - Date 24 Presenter’s Name Joint Information Center (JIC) Established by the lead federal agency as a focal point for the coordination and provision of information to the public and media concerning the Federal response to the emergency It may be established in the same location as the Joint Operations Center (JOC) or located at an on-scene location in coordination with State and local agencies In a bioterrorism event: coordinate info from LE & PH to speak with one voice
Slide 25 - Date 25 Presenter’s Name Joint Information Center (JIC) The following elements should be represented at the JIC: FBI Public Information Officer and staff FEMA Public Information Officer and staff Other Federal agency Public Information Officer and staff State and local Public Information Officers In a bioterrorism event: CDC / Local PH PIOs coordinate with LE and other agencies
Slide 26 - Date 26 Presenter’s Name Joint Operations Center (JOC) The organizational structure to implement the Federal response at the field level during a terrorist incident Established by the FBI under the operational control of the Federal on-scene commander Established to ensure inter-incident coordination and the organize multiple agencies and jurisdictions within an overall command and coordination structure
Slide 27 - Date 27 Presenter’s Name Joint Operations Center (JOC) Acts as the focal point for the strategic management and direction of on-site activities, identification of State and local requirements and priorities, and coordination of the Federal response Local FBI field office will activate a Crisis Management Team to establish the JOC
Slide 28 - Date 28 Presenter’s Name Joint Operations Center (JOC) Includes the following functional groups: Command Operations Admin/Logistics Consequence Management Representation within the JOC includes officials from local, state, and Federal agencies with specific roles in crisis and consequence management In a bioterrorism event: PH would have a significant role, coordinating with FBI and other response agencies
Slide 29 - Date 29 Presenter’s Name Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Brings together Federal as well as State and local law enforcement officers into a task force environment for the purposes of combating terrorism These agents and officers complement each other by bringing together special skills and knowledge about local violations to better target terrorism
Slide 30 - Questions?