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Humor Disability & the Body

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Humor Disability & the Body PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Humor, Disability, & the Body Representations of the Body Kiel Moses
Slide 2 - Entertainer used Josh Blue, Chris Fonseca, and Helen Melon Weight, Wheelchair, and limp All use their bodies to convey message to mainstream audience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMSrpZi_6WM
Slide 3 - Freud Unconscious material can come out in comedic acts Cathartic release through laughter Comic can create bond w/ audience with good jokes
Slide 4 - Foucault Labeling + power + medicine = society Discussed lack of sexual competence which can be linked to the disabled Asexuality is BIG ISSUE = Disabled community
Slide 5 - Body & Stories: Comedic Narrative Use of gawk and stare to advantage Their “uncommon” features create basis for act Bodies act as a conduit for mainstream to understand disabled experience Good, bad, sad, happy is all reflected in body of disabled performers
Slide 6 - How they engage Josh Blue = Kind disabled approach Helen Melon = Confrontational in your face approach Chris Fonseca = Ethnic identity approach
Slide 7 - Coping / Humor Humor can be helpful to use with people with disabilities and their families Humor can fend off putdowns, increase self esteem, and be a way to relief stress Also, those who have had strokes can use humor to rediscover their autonomy / normalcy in their lives
Slide 8 - Conclusions Disabled performers use their bodies to relate to their audiences These body narratives can bridge the gap between the mainstream / disabled societies Disabled comics can help the deconstruction of many disability stereotypes that are held about people with disabilities Can also help the comics cope with their own disabilities they have