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FUNNY PICTURES PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 2 - And as they say, do not inflate your lifejacket until outside the aircraft. Surely this is the same for lifeboats
Slide 3 - Easyjet in deep water
Slide 4 - Would you like to fly with this airline
Slide 5 - Now this is a propper airbus
Slide 6 - mmm. Looks like they went straight to the beach
Slide 7 - They’ve both got their wheels out, wonder if their going to land like that
Slide 8 - You don’t see that everyday
Slide 9 - Cleaning the windows
Slide 10 - They must be good pilots if they have time to pose for a picture
Slide 11 - Imagine yourself with a window seat, with such a view as a broken engine cover
Slide 12 - Why the sign
Slide 13 - Pilot on the toilet
Slide 14 - Who said Santa’s not real, he was caught in the action
Slide 15 - They only wanted a peaceful day at the beach
Slide 16 - ppt slide no 16 content not found
Slide 17 - That’ll clear birds off the runway
Slide 18 - Well, if theres something wrong with the plane, use it as a boat
Slide 19 - Google have planes too
Slide 20 - Airbus. I would have said it was more like a duckMaybe it should be called something along the lines of airduck
Slide 21 - Even the pilots aren’t perfect
Slide 22 - Would you let him on your plane.
Slide 23 - not bus AIR bus, this doesn’t belong on the road
Slide 24 - Pilot: “Ladies and Gentlemen we have just stopped for some fuel”
Slide 25 - Don’t build things in the flight path
Slide 26 - ppt slide no 26 content not found
Slide 27 - They moan at us for being racist, but they are themselves
Slide 28 - Something else about racism
Slide 29 - Toilet paper turban
Slide 30 - How is holy water made
Slide 31 - Owch. Bet their friends
Slide 32 - The baby has a new pet, and he’s washing it
Slide 33 - Who assassinated John Kenady
Slide 34 - HANDS UP!
Slide 35 - Look what the other picture made the cat do
Slide 36 - Donkey pulling cart
Slide 37 - What does the dog have to hide
Slide 38 - Look whats at the end of the rainbow
Slide 39 - Golf course rules
Slide 40 - Bad parenting
Slide 41 - American Excess
Slide 42 - Want to annoy your neighbour, do this
Slide 43 - Bar signs
Slide 44 - Look after the football pitch
Slide 45 - These fans don’t pay for there tickets
Slide 46 - Feyenoord fan
Slide 47 - These are two badges that came up when I typed funny football into google
Slide 48 - HA HA HA
Slide 49 - What else can grass do?
Slide 50 - Having a pre-terrorist attack game
Slide 51 - On duty
Slide 52 - Where's the keeper? He’s flyin
Slide 53 - Turn the TV over
Slide 54 - Shpadu