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Factors of Business Success PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Survey on “Factors of Business Success” (FOBS) ISTAT/Eurostat/OECD Seminar on Entrepreneurship Indicators Rome, December 6-7, 2006 Hartmut Schrör, Eurostat hartmut.schroer@ec.europa.eu
Slide 2 - Contents Project Background Participants Methodology Questionnaire Data Dissemination and publication Selected results Conclusions
Slide 3 - Background Successful data collection on Business Demography Business Demography: births, survivals, deaths, and related employment Further questions What are the factors determining the success / survival of newly born enterprises? What obstacles do newly born enterprises face? What support to them is most useful? What is the profile of the successful entrepreneur? => FOBS project
Slide 4 - Participants 15 countries 7 EU-15 Member States: Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Sweden 6 New Member States: Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia 2 Acceding Countries: Bulgaria and Romania Eurostat: project co-ordination, aggregated results Commission DG “Enterprise and Industry”: Financing OECD
Slide 5 - Methodology Target population Enterprises that were born in 2002 and survived for 3 years, until the time of the survey in 2005. Sub-population of enterprises that are still managed by the founder => profile of the successful entrepreneur Samples drawn from populations of newly born enterprises identified in business registers using the business demography methodology Attempt at identifying survivals into the present Variety in sampling schemes and grossing-up methods
Slide 6 - Questionnaire (1/2) Start-up conditions Motivation for start-up Financing Difficulties at start-up Support and advice Entrepreneur’s characteristics Education Experience managing an enterprise Branch experience Gender Age Citizenship
Slide 7 - Questionnaire (2/2) Present situation Employment, turnover Co-operation, networking Difficulties developing the enterprise Future plans and expectations Future of the enterprise (continuing, selling, closing down) Development of employment, turnover, investments
Slide 8 - Contents Project Background Participants Methodology Questionnaire Data Dissemination and publication Selected results Conclusions
Slide 9 - Dissemination Datasets released on Eurostat website http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat Data Industry, Trade and Services Horizontal View Special topics of structural business statistics Factors of Business Success Metadata in SDDS format
Slide 10 - Dissemination Complete aggregated datasets “EU” aggregate of 10 countries: CZ, DK, IT, LT, LU, AT, SK, SE, BG and RO Excel sheets with selected indicators
Slide 11 - Publication Statistics in Focus “The Profile of the Successful Entrepreneur” http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/cache/ITY_OFFPUB/KS-NP-06-029/EN/KS-NP-06-029-EN.PDF 12 pages in English, German, French Indicators referring to entrepreneur characteristics Age, gender, education, experience, citizenship
Slide 12 - Experience running an enterprise Start-up difficulties
Slide 13 - Experience running an enterprise Sources of advice
Slide 14 - Branch experience Judgement of profitability
Slide 15 - Age Innovation
Slide 16 - Gender Labour Force Survey vs. FOBS
Slide 17 - Gender Share in NACE activities
Slide 18 - Gender Previous occupation
Slide 19 - Education Judgement of profitability
Slide 20 - Employee size class at enterprise birth Expected development - increase
Slide 21 - Conclusions Successful project Further analysis of results Aggregated dataset at Eurostat Microdata analysis ? …possibly using clustering technique ? What next? Possible follow-up project More focus on particular subjects Inclusion of entrepreneurship indicators
Slide 22 - Thank you!