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Environmentalism in American History

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Environmentalism in American History PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Environmentalism Then and Now Is Going Green New? You be the Judge…
Slide 2 - Now
Slide 3 - Then Pennsylvania governor William Penn requires colonists to conserve one tree for every five cut down. 1681
Slide 4 - Now
Slide 5 - Then Benjamin Franklin petitioned the Pennsylvania Assembly to stop waste dumping in the Philadelphia harbor. He said it caused “poor smells,” disease, and violated “public rights.” 1739
Slide 6 - Now
Slide 7 - Then New York state assembly banned hunting of the heath hen, to save it from extinction. The species is extinct by the early 1900s. 1791
Slide 8 - Now
Slide 9 - Then New York city officials appointed Central Park Board of Commissioners to draw up plans for what is now Central Park. 1856
Slide 10 - Now
Slide 11 - Then Yellowstone National Park is established. 1872
Slide 12 - Now
Slide 13 - Then Chicago passed the first anti-smoke air pollution laws. 1881
Slide 14 - Now
Slide 15 - Then First hydroelectric plant opened in Appleton, WI. 1882
Slide 16 - Now Great Lakes Compact ensured protection of lake waters from nonregions.
Slide 17 - Then Congress authorized the building of O’Shaughnessy Dam in Hetch Hetchy Valley, with fresh water diverted to dry California and west coast. 1913
Slide 18 - Now
Slide 19 - Then The first ethanol plant opened in Atchison, KS. The biofuel brand, Agrol, was sold throughout the Midwest with the slogan, “Try a tankful—you’ll be thankful.” 1937
Slide 20 - What do you Think? Is environmentalism a new movement? How is today’s environmental movement different from environmentalism in history? How is it similar? How have the government and laws influenced environmentalism in history?