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Distillation Column PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Distillation Column By Jesse Reeves
Slide 2 - Outline Where we are, where we want to be. How to get there. What we used and what we got. The trouble. The model.
Slide 3 - What we have 12 tray bubble-cap distillation column Isoproply alcohol water separation
Slide 4 - What we want Same distillation column Ethanol water separation
Slide 5 - How to get there Operate column at total reflux Determine stage efficiency Model the column in Aspen Compare Aspen model to real IPA separation results Apply the Aspen model to an Ethanol separation
Slide 6 - Theory to get there
Slide 7 - Theory in a graph
Slide 8 - The Column
Slide 9 - The Data
Slide 10 - The Trouble
Slide 11 - The IPA separation
Slide 12 - The ETOH separation
Slide 13 - The model The IPA Aspen model -4.7% at the top +8.4% at the bottom The three important stages 7, 9, and 10 Murphree-vapor efficiencies were 91.9+18.7%, 57.9+6.3%, 38.4+4.0% Overall column efficiency 8.3% Stage efficiency did not matter
Slide 14 - The Aspen model for ETOH Max flow rate: 2.13 GPM Steam flow rate: 1.67 kg/min Condenser heat duty: -1739 kJ/min Feed composition: 2.5 wt% ETOH Distillate composition: 40 wt% ETOH ETOH recovery: 99.4%
Slide 15 - Recomendations Replace the automatic control valve for the steam flow to the reboiler. Replace the leaky manual steam valve. Refine the ETOH model with steady state data.
Slide 16 - Special thanks to team-J Jaron Stanley: Team Leader James Gardner: Operator Jesse Reeves: Team player
Slide 17 - References Seader, J. D., Henley, Ernest J., Separation Process Principles, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. pp. 44, 301, 358-397 (1998). Distillation Column Manual, unpublished printed notes, Univ. of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 1997.
Slide 18 - Questions ?