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Desktop Director 21 PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Desktop Director 2.1 Shane Broomhall APAC Readiness
Slide 2 - Overview of Desktop Director
Slide 3 - Is a web-based administration tool Was introduced with XenDesktop 5 (Rhone) Designed for daily operations such as monitoring, performing routine tasks and user troubleshooting Displays session details Role based access control What is Desktop Director?
Slide 4 - Site Management View Information displayed in Desktop Director 2.0 Desktop Group User Troubleshooting View Machine Details Dashboard Machine List User Details XD Session Details XA Session Details
Slide 5 - Changes in Desktop Director 2.1
Slide 6 - Machine Details Reset Personal vDisk task Personal vDisk status Available in: Machine Details page User Details page XenDesktop Session Details page Support for Personal vDisk
Slide 7 - User (XenDesktop Session) Details page Support for Personal vDisk User Details
Slide 8 - Machines without Personal vDisk Support for Personal vDisk User Details
Slide 9 - Personal vDisk state Personal vDisk profile size Personal vDisk profile used Personal vDisk app size Personal vDisk app used Personal vDisk status Running or an error - Error details will be shown on a mouseover of the error icon Reflects the amount of disk space used and turns to red when it goes over 75%(default)
Slide 10 - HDX panel changes 2.0 2.1
Slide 11 - Installation and Upgrade
Slide 12 - Install Desktop Director 2.1 using the XenDesktop 5.6/stand-alone installer Assign XenDesktop administrative rights through Desktop Studio for the Desktop Director users Check the WinRM/Remote Assistance configuration and permissions for VDA(see CTX127301, CTX125243 and eDocs) Install Flash Player if it is not present on the machine where the browser to access Desktop Director is running Log on to Desktop Director with delegated administrator’s credentials http:///DesktopDirector/ Installation and configuration
Slide 13 - Use XenDesktop 5.6 iso or Desktop Director 2.1 iso and just follow the instructions The upgrade retains the existing configuration settings Upgrade
Slide 14 - Requirements (*1) Personal vDisk is not supported for XenDesktop 5 SP1 or XenDesktop 5.5 (*2) The HDX information display is not supported for XenDesktop 5 SP1
Slide 15 - Resources
Slide 16 - ppt slide no 16 content not found