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Creating Greatest Value for Our Customers

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Creating Greatest Value for Our Customers PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - > Foseco Foundry Business Unit August 2012
Slide 2 - Creating Greatest Value for Our Customers We work in partnership with customers to create greatest value for them by optimising the casting process. To achieve this Foseco draws upon: a deep understanding of foundry processes, in-house application engineering expertise and simulation capabilities, outstanding product technology, consistent product quality, a combination of products and process control systems company-wide dedication to delivering outstanding service quality.
Slide 3 - Dave Hughes – President Foundry “All Foseco employees must be obsessed with creating value for our customers through partnerships which improve our customer’s business performance”
Slide 4 - Vesuvius Group Vesuvius Group Flagship Companies Steel Flow Control Fused Silica Foundry Linings Foseco is the Foundry Division of the Vesuvius Group of companies
Slide 5 - Sales by Region 2010 - £m
Slide 6 - Foseco Foundry Division Presence in 31 countries 26 manufacturing sites Product research and development centres in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, India and Japan Approximately 2800 employees worldwide
Slide 7 - 26 manufacturing locations A Global Supply Chain Capability
Slide 8 - The Foseco Business Model
Slide 9 - Collaboration and Expertise We work alongside our customers to develop new performance-improving solutions by combining product technology, process understanding and application expertise. Improving metallurgical integrity through greater process control in metal treatment. Achieving greater control over solidification characteristics and the rate of heat loss. Ensuring a smoother mould filling process and reducing turbulence. Introducing cleaner, more consistent ladle practices. Improving surface finish quality and consistency.
Slide 10 - Global Technology – Locally Delivered Foseco combines its global technical expertise with in-depth local knowledge. Our aim is to provide an invaluable resource at our customers’ fingertips wherever they may be. We operate in more than 30 countries and manufacture in 16 locations world-wide. We have research and development centres in Germany, Netherlands, USA, India and Japan.
Slide 11 - Creative Solutions To satisfy our customers’ ever-changing needs, constant innovation is essential. We are developing new product technology and casting processes to meet these needs. A range of software and machinery ensures that products are used in exactly the right way. We remain committed to boosting the productivity and performance of the foundry industry by delivering fresh solutions to the challenges faced by our customers worldwide.
Slide 12 - Forward-Thinking Foundry Experts We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of casting production, and promoting practices that enhance health and safety within the foundry. lowering emissions caused during metal treatment and core preparation, reducing the use and storage of hazardous substances, promoting good housekeeping, reducing energy consumption while melting and holding liquid metal, minimising the level of non-productive metal involved in feeder heads and running systems, reducing waste.
Slide 13 - Reliability Whatever our customers’ schedules demand, we work to provide total predictability of supply. We aim to be flexible and responsive partners in times of emergency. We see the trust our customers place in us as the most important quality endorsement we could receive. All our production sites are accredited, or are actively working towards accreditation, to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental management systems respectively.
Slide 14 - Published twice a year, our Foundry Practice journal is valued by foundrymen throughout the world for its detailed insights into contemporary techniques and innovations as well as in-depth reviews of interesting new applications. Knowledge Leaders
Slide 15 - Foseco offers a package of consumables and equipment for the production of clean, reproducible metal quality and uniform microstructure. Concerning ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, metallurgical properties have to be controlled during the production of modern castings and other ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Foseco is at the leading edge of industry efforts to improve the metallurgical performance of castings offering a package of consumables and equipment for the production of clean, reproducible metal quality in a range of ferrous and non ferrous alloys. The range of products we supply offer advantages in safety, health and environmental issues, automation and process control and productivity. The acquisition of SERT provides access to systems for the measurement and control of pouring castings thereby enhancing the treatment portfolio. Metal Treatment
Slide 16 - Acquisition of SERT Metal SERT Metal acquired in December 2011 The company is based in Lyon, France Foundry product range Automatic pouring & flow management with complete data recording In-stream temperature measurement with auto-alignment on stream Inoculation checking system with alarms and video replay In-stream inoculant feeding system with auto-calibration
Slide 17 - Today’s melt shop is under increasing pressure to improve productivity, temperature control, metal cleanliness. Following the integration with Vesuvius, Foseco is now able to offer a full range of refractory systems for iron, steel, aluminium and investment foundries. A broad range of monolithic and pre-cast products are available and Foseco personnel are on hand to offer advice on product selection, maintenance and design. Ladle linings Furnace linings and castables Stoppers and nozzles Precast refractory shapes Melt Shop Refractories
Slide 18 - Crucibles are used in a wide range of melting and holding applications for non ferrous alloys, particularly aluminium, copper and zinc. Each of these applications requires a crucible with specific properties to maximise productivity and minimise energy costs. The Foseco range of crucibles offers a solution for all non ferrous melting and holding applications from high durability crucibles for heavy duty applications to high thermal efficiency crucibles to minimise energy consumption. Our experienced Application Engineers are able to advise on the selection and installation of crucibles for optimum performance and productivity. Crucibles
Slide 19 - Feeding system products are a range of insulating, exothermic-insulating or exothermic sleeves designed to extend the solidification times of feeder heads. Application of the correct breaker core can reduce the contact area between feeder and casting by as much as 75%, significantly reducing or even eliminating expensive fettling operations. The application of Foseco feeding solutions avoid shrinkage defects and improve casting yields, reducing the amount of non-productive metal poured. Significant savings can also be made in fettling and cleaning operations. Our methoding engineers help and advise customers in designing and optimising the way a casting is made. Years of practical experience combined with state-of the-art simulation support helps ensure ‘Right First Time’ design. Feeding Systems
Slide 20 - Foseco's range of foundry filters are used in the production of castings subject to heavy wear and tear but also to safety critical parts such as brake components, crankshafts, wheel hubs, suspension components and steering knuckles. The application of filtration in the production of such castings enables the foundry to achieve the full potential of the mechanical and dynamic properties of the alloy chosen. Conventional pouring systems are frequently unable to retain sufficient slag material and reaction products. Even when it is technically feasible, the design of the running system required may be inefficient and uneconomic. Correctly selected and applied, Foseco foundry filters remove inclusions and optimise running system design. Casting properties are enhanced, performance and productivity are increased, and costs are lowered. Filtration and Gating
Slide 21 - By careful selection of refractory fillers and rheological technology, Foseco coatings are designed to deposit the correct coating structure onto a given substrate, to ensure cast surface integrity. The range of products have been specifically engineered so that they can be applied by dipping, flow coating, brushing, swabbing and spraying. Foseco offers a range of coatings for sand moulds and cores, specialty coatings, and coatings for jobbing iron, steel and non-ferrous. Coatings
Slide 22 - Foseco offers a broad range of organic and inorganic mould and core binder systems. Organic binders are almost exclusively synthetic resins, which are cured by the addition of a separate hardener or catalyst. Inorganic binders are based on sodium silicates that have been optimised to accommodate the varying casting processes, thus guaranteeing best decomposition. Foseco offers: Self setting resin systems Gas setting resin systems Sodium silicates Additives, glues, sealants and release agents Binders
Slide 23 - Contact us at www.foseco.com
Slide 24 - At the heart of the foundry industry