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Boy Scouts Religious Awards

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Boy Scouts Religious Awards PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Boy Scouts & Religious Emblems Programs Program information, promotion and resources
Slide 2 - Objectives: Explain the relationship between the religious emblems and Boy Scouting List resources that help promote religious emblems Explain the difference between youth awards and adult recognitions
Slide 3 - What are religious emblems? Created by the national religious groups for their youth Recognized by BSA who allows the recognitions to worn on the uniform Optional programs for youth members to complete with the help of their families and religious leaders Religious emblems are:
Slide 4 - Why promote religious emblems? Religious emblems help youth members fulfill their Duty to God Religious emblems can help strengthen partnerships with faith communities
Slide 5 - How do we get started on these programs? 4 simple steps to start your religious emblems program
Slide 6 - 1. Youth members must obtain the specific booklet for their religion. Check with your council store or contact the religious organization directly. Each youth member needs his or her own booklet to document progress. Some religions offer adult manuals for counselors and mentors.
Slide 7 - 2.Parents must review the program guidelines. Some programs require participants to be official “members” of the religious institution. Age/grade requirements vary from program to program. Each program sets its own guidelines as to who may serve as counselor. Some programs require clergy to serve as counselors; other programs allow parents or other family members to serve as counselors.
Slide 8 - 3.Families should talk to their religious leaders and show them the booklet before beginning any program. Most programs require that they be completed under the auspices of that religious organization. Many programs require the signature of the local religious leader.
Slide 9 - 4. The youth member needs to complete the requirements, obtain the proper signatures, and follow the instructions to order the emblem. These emblems are not available from your local council store (follow instructions in your booklet). The emblem should be presented in a meaningful ceremony, preferably in the member’s religious institution. The award can be presented at anytime of the year. Boy Scout Sunday/Sabbath in February is a perfect time to recognize recipients.
Slide 10 - What are adult awards? Adult recognitions are by nomination only. Adult awards usually require a minimum number of years of service.
Slide 11 - How can you promote religious emblems? Promote the religious emblems of all faiths. Understand that promoting religious emblems means providing information, not religious instruction. Make a presentation at your Roundtable / Training event. Make a presentation to your Scouting Unit and parents.
Slide 12 - Resources Duty to God color brochure (No. 05-879D) Unit leader scripts Promoting Duty to God: Religious Emblems Video Please visit http://www.praypub.org for these and other resources.