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Available Blood Donation powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an active user in belonging ppt presentation Health & Wellness category.

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Blood Donation

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Blood Donation PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Available Blood Donation powerpoint presentation for free download which is uploaded by honey an act... Read More

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Published on : Mar 14, 2014
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Slide 1 - Voluntary Blood Donation Perspectives, Challenges & Imperatives Sri. Kuldeep Shetty Third Year MBBS, Mysore Medical College & Member, Sri Sathya Sai Youth Wing, Mysore SRI SATHYA SAI healthcare project DONATE BLOOD SAVE LIFE OM SRI SAI RAM
Slide 2 - With Love And More Love Humbly Dedicated To The Lotus Feet of BABA
Slide 3 - Objective A detailed look at the facets of Voluntary Blood Donation .
Slide 4 - Current Scenario in India Chronic shortage of blood Demand outstrips the supply by 100%. Major shortfall in summer. Non availability of blood delays treatment. Contamination occurs due to Professional donors. Non compliance of standards in blood collection, testing & storage. Lack of awareness Poor infrastructure
Slide 5 - Facts about Blood Donation One unit is required in every 2 seconds. One bag of blood can save 4 lives. Average Indian hesitates to donate blood. Sai Youth can minimise shortage by conducting Blood Donation Camps regularly.
Slide 6 - Goals of Voluntary Blood Donation Increasing the supply of Safe Blood. Strengthen the blood donation infrastructure. Spreading awareness ( & increasing motivation). Develop a robust donor base. Standardise the blood donation camp procedures.
Slide 7 - Action Items Conduct more blood donation camps. Enlist dedicated donors. Conduct donor education / awareness programs.
Slide 8 - Profile of an average Indian Willing to donate yet very apprehensive. Appreciates the importance of blood donation. Very conscious of the contamination issues. Worried about side effects of blood donation. Has a few misconceptions. May not have attended a well arranged camp.
Slide 9 - Expectations of a Donor Accredited & non-profit blood collecting agency. Directions to camp venue with timings. Cordial welcome & a soothing atmosphere. Minimum waiting time. Hygienic surroundings with seating arrangements. Disciplined volunteers with pleasant demeanor. Qualified medical team & standard procedures. Refreshments : palatable, hygienic and adequate. Appreciation after donation.
Slide 10 - Camp Prerequisites Prayer Medical team Venue Donor estimation Volunteer task assignment Campaigning + Advertising Camp layout planning Purchases + refreshments + items on hire Procedure to conduct a camp
Slide 11 - Camp Layout details Reception Registration Waiting area Medical checkup Blood donation Resting area + with refreshment counter Feedback + Gifts + Donor card Counseling area (optional) Stores Altar
Slide 12 - Floor Plan
Slide 13 - Reception Warm welcome to the donor. Breakfast verification / Arrange breakfast. Seating arrangements nearby. Donor directed to registration counter in a sequence.
Slide 14 - Registration Fill up donor details
Slide 15 - Medical Checkup Weight, BP, hemoglobin measurement & blood grouping. General check up. A few questions…
Slide 16 - Blood Donation
Slide 17 - Refreshment Nutritious, Light, Non Spicy (Sathwic) Sandwich / Idly / Curd rice + Fruit / Fruit salad Beverage ( non alcoholic/ non carbonated) Coffee/ Tea/ Juice / Milkshake/ Hot chocolate
Slide 18 - Gifts and Feedback A token of appreciation. Develop the feel good factor. Obtaining donor feedback.
Slide 19 - Donor Card / Reject letter
Slide 20 - Frequently asked questions About Blood. Recipients of blood. Component separation. Time needed to recuperate after donation. Diet for a regular donor. Frequency of donation.
Slide 21 - Value Added Seva Counseling Anemia Diabetes Hypertension Diet ( by a dietician) Thalassemia Hemophilia Heart surgery requirements Rare groups requirements
Slide 22 - Bend the body, mend the senses and end the mind - this is the way to immortality. JAI SAI RAM POORNAVATHARA Sri Sathya Sai Speaks LOVE ALL SERVE ALL HELP EVER HURT NEVER
Slide 23 - Love is MY Form, Truth is MY Breath, Bliss is MY Food. MY Life is MY MESSAGE Jai Sai Ram