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Baby Care Presentation : Download Baby Care ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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Baby Care

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Baby Care PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Baby Care Presentation : Download Baby Care ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive Read More

Tags : Baby Care

Published on : Dec 09, 2014
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Slide 1 - BABY CARE
Slide 2 - ::BABY New born baby up to 28 day is called “neonate “ then from one month to one year “infant”, then from one year to 12 years they are called “ children” Children are the future of nation, they will be the parents of the future generations, so care of children is essential for every country.
Slide 3 - ::Feeding of Children No substitute for mother ‘s milk. It should only be given up to six months, during this period small amount of water can be given, if required . Cow’s milk & goat’s milk can be used if mother’s milk is not available . Sweet, Ice-Cream, Cadbury & Synthetic food should be avoided. Fruits should be given
Slide 4 - Cleanness of Baby Should be done regularly: Hygiene of Eye Oral Cavity Skin and Genitalia
Slide 5 - Medicines (Neonate, Infants, Children)
Slide 6 - In Case of “Neonate” Anuria after birth ( Aconite ) & … In Case of “Infant” Aphthae.(Borax) & … In case of “Children” Abdomen enlarged (Bar-c, c.c ) & …
Slide 7 - Hereditary disease and congenital anomalies In these circumstances, prevention is better than cure . If the parents take constitutional homoeopathic medicine before child birth, then may of such congenital diseases can be prevented. According to KENT, children that grow up under the care of homoeopathy,will rare suffer from congenital disease. They will lead their lives in order will die in old age .
Slide 8 - ::Cause of Congenital Disease Are called idio-pathic, can be explained by our miasmatic theory . e.g. Juvenile Diabetes = Syphilis and Sycosis Cleft palate = Syphilis Thallassaemia = Syphilis Juvenile Rheumatism = Sycosis
Slide 9 - Proper homoeopathic constitutional medicine after proper care taking and evaluation of symptoms can prevent a child from various diseases and hereditary diseases.
Slide 10 - Thanks For Your Participation