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Artificial Intelligence todays new technology

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Artificial Intelligence todays new technology PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Artificial Intelligence CIS 479/579 Bruce R. Maxim UM-Dearborn
Slide 2 - Overview What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Why study AI? How can you tell whether a machine or program is intelligent? What kinds of things (if any) can be learned by a machine? When can (should) machines replace human experts?
Slide 3 - What is AI? AI is the study of ideas that enable computers to be intelligent Intelligence might be defined as the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge Ai is the part of computer science concerned with design of computer systems that exhibit human intelligence
Slide 4 - AI Problem Characteristics Decomposable to smaller or easier problems Solution steps can be ignored or undone Predictable problem universe Good solutions are obvious Uses internally consistent knowledge base Requires lots of knowledge or uses knowledge to constrain solutions Requires periodic interaction between human and computer
Slide 5 - Goals of AI To make computers more useful by letting them take over dangerous or tedious tasks from human Understand principles of human intelligence
Slide 6 - Physical Symbol Hypothesis(Newell and Simon) Given enough symbols related to one another Given collection of operators capable of producing new symbol expressions You have the necessary & sufficient conditions for intelligent behavior The problem is can this critical mass be achieved in real-time within the memory capacity of some machine
Slide 7 - AI Technique Characteristics They capture generalizations Can be understood by domain expert Easily modified to correct errors or reflect changes in the world view Used in lots of different situations Reduce its own size/bulk by narrowing the range of possibilities it must consider at any given time
Slide 8 - AI System Taxonomy(easiest to hardest) Data acquisition Expert System Problem Solving Automatic Programming Robotic Control Pattern Recognition Natural Language Processing Vision & Scene Analysis
Slide 9 - Turing Test Used as criteria for evaluating success of AI system Inquisitor, AI System, Human Inquisitor connected to AI System and Human by “wire” and free to ask either any question If Inquisitor can not determine which is the Human without guessing AI System is successful
Slide 10 - AI Success Criteria Is the task clearly defined? Is there an implemented procedure performing the task? Is there an identifiable set of regularities or constraints that the procedure uses to derive its power?