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ALEXANDER GREAT PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 2 - After the Peloponnesian War Macedonian power emerges….
Slide 3 - Philip II & Alexander Macedonia=looked down on Why? Villages, not cities language
Slide 4 - Philip II 359 BCE What did he do??? See page 151-list them
Slide 5 - Philip set to conquer Greece Conquered all but Sparta Assassinated-336 BCE Enters Alexander & his horse Bucephalus
Slide 6 - Alexander Teachers! Mother-Olympias Father-Philip Aristotle-Philosopher
Slide 7 - Revolts!! How did Alexander deal w/ rebellion? Look at Thebes-pg 151
Slide 8 - Building an Empire 334 BCE-begins building Invades Persia
Slide 9 - Conquering Lands Persia-he caused Darius to flee! Phoenicia Egypt
Slide 10 - Alexander the Great Pushed to Indus Died 323 BCE at 33 yrs old
Slide 11 - Activity Create a monument to Alexander the Great
Slide 12 - Kingdom Split Apart 3 parts Led by 3 generals (kings) Antigonus=Macedonia & Greece Seleucus=Persia Ptolemy=Egypt
Slide 13 - The Hellenistic World New type of culture! Combined cultures of: Greece, Persia, Egypt, Central Asia Not just Hellenic anymore It was Hellenistic (Greeklike)
Slide 14 - Alexander built Alexandria
Slide 15 - Hellenistic Achievements Philosophy-we’ll look at tomorrow Art & Literature Emotion (Laocoon and His Sons) Movement Women
Slide 16 - ppt slide no 16 content not found
Slide 17 - Science & Technology Euclid-Father of Modern Geometry Wrote Elements-300 BCE
Slide 18 - Circumference of the Globe Eratosthenes 276 BCE
Slide 19 - Archimedes’ Principle Archimedes
Slide 20 - Discovery Education - Math and the Ancient Greeks