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Aircraft Types Commercial and Military Presentation : Download Aircraft Types Commercial and Military ppt presentation and make your presenation attractive

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Aircraft Types Commercial and Military

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Aircraft Types Commercial and Military PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - Aircraft Types Commercial and Military Airport Firefighter
Slide 2 - Types of Aircraft Aircraft are categorized according to their intended purpose. There are three common categories, they are: General Aviation Commercial Aviation Military Aviation
Slide 3 - General Aviation General aviation includes those used for training, business and agricultural. Aircraft in this category generally hold less than 12 passengers.
Slide 4 - General Aviation Learjet Business A/C
Slide 5 - Commercial Aviation This category includes commuter, cargo, and Firefighting aircraft. Usually hold in excess of 20 passengers.
Slide 6 - Commercial Aviation 737 Commercial A/C
Slide 7 - Commercial Aviation 757 Commercial A/C
Slide 8 - Commercial Aviation
Slide 9 - Military Aircraft Military aircraft include Cargo, Fighter, Bomber, trainer, and special mission. A-attack B-Bomber C-Cargo F-Fighter H-Helicopter K-Refueling Tanker O-Observation S-Surveillance T-Trainer U-Utility V-Vertical Take-off X-Experimental
Slide 10 - Military Aircraft AV-8B Harrier Attack A/C
Slide 11 - Military Aircraft A-6 and F-14 Fighter and refueling A/C
Slide 12 - Military Aircraft A-10 Warthog
Slide 13 - Bombers B-52 BUF
Slide 14 - Military Aircraft MH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter
Slide 15 - Military Aircraft F-14 Tomcat Fighter A/C
Slide 16 - Military Aircraft F-18 Superhornet
Slide 17 - Military Aircraft Fighter F-4 Phantom
Slide 18 - Military Aircraft OV-1 Observation A/C
Slide 19 - Military Aircraft SR-71 Surveillance A/C
Slide 20 - ppt slide no 20 content not found
Slide 21 - Military Aircraft Experimental X-29 Experimental A/C
Slide 22 - Military Aircraft Experimental Aroura
Slide 23 - Military Aircraft 747 Shuttle Carrier Special Mission A/C
Slide 24 - Military Aircraft Special/Transport C-9 Nightingale Special Mission A/C
Slide 25 - Military Aircraft Cargo/Transport C-130 Cargo A/C
Slide 26 - Military Aircraft Transport V-22 Osprey
Slide 27 - Military Aircraft F-18 Fighter A/C
Slide 28 - Military Aircraft EA-6B Surveillance/Attack A/C
Slide 29 - Military Aviation Helicopters Helicopters are rotary wing A/C ranging in size from single seat to 50 passenger. Some carry loads in excess of 10 tons. Fuel capacities range from 70-1000 gal. Internal fuel tanks are usually located under the cabin floor. Auxiliary fuel tanks are located in the aft section or attached to the outside of the cabin
Slide 30 - Helicopters are constructed mainly of Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, and composites. Hazards included: Rotor blades which can dip to 4’ of the ground The tail rotor which can be nearly invisible when spinning. Approaching from uphill or carrying objects above the waist. Military Aviation Helicopters
Slide 31 - Military Aviation Helicopters Safety around Helicopters: Always approach in sight of the pilot Approach when pilot gives signal Approach from downhill if possible. Carry objects horizontally below waist Maintain sufficient clearance for the main rotor and tail rotor, Clear the ground around the A/C for at least 50’ the the helipad.
Slide 32 - Military Helicopters