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About The Blast Furnace

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About The Blast Furnace PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 1 - The Blast Furnace Extracting Iron Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe Fe Mr R. Tucker (PP03_2005) It's a BLAST!!
Slide 2 - Introduction Iron is a very common element in the Earth’s crust, but good iron ores are only found in a few select places around the world, such as Australia, Canada and Millom. Iron is extracted from haematite, Fe2O3, by reduction (i.e. removal of oxygen) in a blast furnace
Slide 3 - What are the raw materials?? The raw materials are: Iron Ore Coke Limestone The iron ore contains the iron The coke is almost pure carbon. This is for reducing the iron oxide to iron metal The limestone takes away impurities in the form of slag - IMPORTANT!!
Slide 4 - Reducing the Iron Ore to Iron: Hot air is blasted into the furnace making the coke burn much faster than normal and the temperature rises to about 1500oC. The coke burns and produces carbon dioxide: C + O2  CO2 Carbon Oxygen Carbon dioxide
Slide 5 - The CO2 then reacts with unburnt coke to form CO: CO2 + C  2CO Carbon dioxide Carbon Carbon monoxide The carbon monoxide then reduces the iron ore to iron: 3CO + Fe2O3  3CO2 + 2Fe Carbon monoxide Iron(III) oxide Carbon dioxide Iron
Slide 6 - The iron is molten at this temperature and it’s very dense, so it runs to the bottom of the furnace where it’s tapped off..
Slide 7 - Example: Port Talbot Steel Works (Blast Furnace)
Slide 8 - Removing the Impurities: The main impurity is sand (silicon dioxide). This is still solid at 1500oC and would tend to stay mixed in with the iron. Q… What removes the sand??? A... Limestone (CaCO3)
Slide 9 - Removing the Impurities: The limestone is decomposed by the heat into calcium oxide and CO2: CaCO3  CaO + CO2 The calcium oxide then reacts with the sand to form calcium silicate or slag which is molten and can be tapped off: CaO + SiO2  CaSiO3 (molten slag)
Slide 10 - Uses of Slag……… Road building Fertiliser