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About Sales Training PowerPoint Presentation

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About This Presentation

Slide 1 - Messaging Affordable Housing December 6, 2013 Chris Estes President & CEO National Housing Conference @ChrisNHC
Slide 2 - The Landscape Continued increase in need for affordable housing nationwide Ongoing budget cuts, stalemate put federal funding at risk Many states face significant cuts and shortfalls Public opinion of government programs, spending remains low
Slide 3 - Our Approach Develop research on public opinion of housing issues & solutions Leverage public interest in other social issues to build support for affordable housing programs Use framing and messaging best practices Provide housing developers and advocates with resources to build communications capacity
Slide 4 - research Our Approach:
Slide 5 - Communications Literature Review Draws on 35 research studies related to affordable housing communications Summarizes key findings about public opinion, messages, language Provides suggestions for further research
Slide 6 - Review of Research on Affordable Housing Communications
Slide 7 - Leveraging interest in other issues Our Approach:
Slide 8 - Intersection of Housing and Other Social Issues “How Housing Matters” research partnership with MacArthur Foundation Research into connection between housing and economy, health, transportation, education Focus on subpopulations like veterans, older adults
Slide 9 - Framing and messaging Our Approach:
Slide 10 - About Framing Our minds are not blank slates; information is filtered through existing knowledge, models, lived experience These “frames” help us understand new information Using appealing frames helps public, policymakers see housing issues from a positive point of view Example: “House” vs. “Home”
Slide 11 - Framing and Messaging Best Practices Begin with value statements: opportunity, community, fairness Highlight solutions, not just problems Data should back up your argument, but is not an argument itself Choose messengers with whom your audience connects Reframe government by reminding audience of the “public structures” it creates and maintains
Slide 12 - Capacity-building resources Our Approach:
Slide 13 - Providing Resources: Housing Communications HUB
Slide 14 - HUB Resource Library
Slide 15 - HUB Discussion Forum
Slide 16 - Visit the HUB http://hub.nhc.org
Slide 17 - Thank You! Chris Estes President & CEO National Housing Conference 202.466.2121 x230 cestes@nhc.org @ChrisNHC