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About This Presentation

Slide 2 - Employee Orientation Welcome & Introduction About Shoreline CC General Employee Information Payroll & Benefits
Slide 3 - Shoreline Community College HISTORY Founded in 1964 Established to serve the needs of “non-traditional” students Initial enrollment of just 350 students
Slide 4 - Shoreline Community College TODAY Over 13,000 students enrolled between main and Lake Forest Park campuses Over 350 full-time staff and faculty with an additional 650 part-time employees Serving the City of Shoreline as well as King and Snohomish Counties The eleventh largest community college of thirty-four in the State of Washington
Slide 5 - Accomplishing Our Core Business Leverage the strength of the Community College system of the State of Washington while maintaining our well-regarded programs Operate independently, compete collectively Provide services to both traditional and non-traditional students
Slide 6 - SCC Degrees Awarded Associate in Arts and Sciences (University Transfer Degree) Associate in Science (University Transfer Degree) Associate in Applied Arts & Sciences (Prof/Tech Degree) GED/Program Certifications
Slide 7 - Shoreline Community College’s MISSION STATEMENT Shoreline Community College demonstrates dedication to student success by providing rich opportunities to learn, excellence in teaching and comprehensive support services, in close collaboration with its diverse community. Shoreline serves the community's lifelong educational and cultural needs.
Slide 8 - SCC VALUES vigorous intellectual inquiry rooted in academic freedom and built on an open exchange of ideas an the development of knowledge. Academic Freedom Access Collaboration Diversity Environmental Responsibility Excellence Innovation Student Success Support
Slide 9 - Employee Orientation Welcome & Introduction About SCC General Employee Information Payroll & Benefits
Slide 10 - SCC Intranet www.shoreline.edu/intranet Administrative Forms Faculty/Financial Services/Human Resources/etc Committee/Board of Trustees Web Pages Meeting Agenda/Minutes Day at a Glance (DAAG) and Net News Publication of campus news/events Important daily info (detour routes, etc) Employee Earnings History Online check stub information Instructor Briefcase Online grade management
Slide 11 - Awards and Recognition SERVICE YEAR AWARD Recognition for each five years of continuous service FACULTY MEMBER of the YEAR Recognition by peer selection for outstanding contribution in their work at SCC. SCC STAR of the YEAR Recognition for a permanent classified staff member who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and quality service to SCC.
Slide 12 - Performance Evaluation Performance will be reviewed on an annual basis Classified Staff Evaluated at 2 and 5 months of probation and annually thereafter Faculty Evaluated regularly Administrators Evaluated annually
Slide 13 - Education & Professional Development Professional Development Web Page intranet.shoreline.edu/prod/ Tuition Waivers Employees of SCC are eligible to enroll in Washington Community College or University courses based on space availability and instructor approval.
Slide 14 - Equal Employment Opportunity Shoreline CC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability.
Slide 15 - Harassment Policy The College condemns any acts in its work environments that create the potential for illegal harassment, both in terms of individual employee morale and in violation of applicable federal, state, and local laws. The College will not tolerate harassment of any employee because of that employee’s sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or disability.
Slide 16 - Harassment Policy It is impossible to provide a precise definition of “harassment” in the legal sense. Whether or not inappropriate behavior constitutes illegal harassment depends upon many factors. The College prohibits all inappropriate language and conduct – regardless of whether that behavior would legally constitute harassment.
Slide 17 - Acceptable Conduct The College expects all employees to demonstrate the highest degree of integrity, responsibility, and professional conduct at all times. Avoid any behavior that may: Be harmful to yourself, other employees, or the College, or Cause any unfavorable reaction from current or potential students.
Slide 18 - Acceptable Conduct: Criminal Charges Laws and regulations of the State of Washington state that Shoreline Community College cannot knowingly employ a person convicted of a felony without first obtaining the approval of the applicable college official.
Slide 19 - Acceptable Conduct: Employee Responsibility All employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor no later than the next business day if they have been charged, arrested, or indicted for any criminal (felony or misdemeanor) offense.
Slide 20 - Workplace Violence Violent or threatening behavior is not tolerated. Employees should report threats or unusual actions immediately. Direct Supervisor Campus Security Human Resources
Slide 21 - Alcohol & Drug-free Workplace SCC is committed to an alcohol- and drug-free workplace in the interest of safety for its students, employees and the public. Unauthorized possession, use of, or being under the influence of alcohol or prescription or illegal drugs is prohibited any time an employee is conducting College business, while on or off College property, or operating a College vehicle. Abuse includes dependence and/or using drugs for reasons other than for which they are legally prescribed.
Slide 22 - Problem Resolution Employees are encouraged to make it known if an employment problem arises. A clear and frank discussion with your immediate supervisor is the most efficient way to reconcile it. Sometimes discussion with other administrative personnel or with HR may be helpful. If the concern is unresolved, employees are encouraged to meet with their supervisor to discuss solutions.
Slide 23 - Acceptable Use of Computer Resources SCC computer resources, including e-mail, Internet or Intranet access, software, hardware, and other programs are intended for college business purposes only. SCC expects this resource to be handled responsibly. Violations of this policy may constitute misconduct; which may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.
Slide 24 - E-mail Courtesy E-mail only those to whom the message pertains rather than entire address groups. Make a point of responding to messages promptly. Always use spell-check and grammar-check. Include phone number in messages. E-mail should be used for business, rather than personal use.
Slide 25 - Dress Code It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain a professional work appearance. Casual Friday: Wear your SCC Shirt!
Slide 26 - No Solicitation Policy SCC prohibits distribution of any literature, merchandise, etc. on its premises, whether made by employees, individuals or groups not employed with SCC. Solicitation of an employee by another employee or an individual not employed with SCC, is prohibited during working time or on College property.
Slide 27 - Employee Orientation Welcome & Introduction About SCC General Employee Information Payroll & Benefits
Slide 28 - Paychecks: Dates of Pay Pay Dates Work from 1st – 15th of the Month, paid on 25th Work from 16th – End of the Month, paid on 10th If the regular pay day falls on a holiday/weekend; paychecks are distributed on the closest business day Pay Day on Saturday, Checks distributed Friday Pay Day on Sunday, Checks distributed Monday
Slide 29 - Paychecks: Direct Deposit Allows your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your checking/savings account Strongly Encouraged No cost Convenient Enrollment forms are included in your new hire packet .
Slide 30 - Combined Fund Drive Shoreline is committed to helping local communities through the Combine Fund Drive All employees are encouraged to participate in the annual campaign with payroll contributions New employees do not have to wait for the next campaign; they sign up at any time
Slide 31 - Vacation/Personal Leave Depends on Type of Employee Faculty (See Agreement) Staff (See Collective Bargaining Agreement) Administrative/Exempt College Policy 4728
Slide 32 - Holiday Schedule STANDARD HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day Labor Day President’s Day Veteran’s Day Martin Luther King Day Thanksgiving Day Day after Thanksgiving Memorial Day Independence Day Christmas Day
Slide 33 - Sick Leave Leave Depends on Type of Employee Faculty (See Agreement) Staff (See Collective Bargaining Agreement) Administrative/Exempt (College Policy 4728) For your own illness/injury or for care of eligible dependents Submit your approved leave form to Human Resources
Slide 34 - Employee Benefits Health Care Medical & Dental Coverage Insurance Long Term Disability Life Insurance Retirement Plan Employer/Employee Contributions
Slide 35 - BENEFITS: Health Care Health Care Coverage Medical/Dental Coverage available for Employee, Spouse/Domestic Partner and Eligible Dependents Begins the first of the month following the date of employment Open Enrollment – Occurs each Fall Change your plan, add/remove dependents Monthly Employee Premium Dental Coverage is Free of Charge Medical Premium depends on plan selected and number of dependents covered (See Medical/Dental Booklet, pg 15) Employees are covered under the Health Care Authority (HCA) of Washington State through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB)
Slide 36 - BENEFITS: Insurance Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance Basic Plan – 90 waiting period, $240/mo benefit payout Free of charge, automatic upon employment at SCC Optional Plan Additional coverage available at group rates You pick waiting period, benefit payout is 60% of your salary at time of injury (See LTD Booklet for more info) Life Insurance Basic Plan - $25,000 Life/$5000 Accidental Death Free of charge, automatic upon employment at SCC Optional Plan Additional coverage available at group rates You pick additional coverage amounts available in increment of $1000 (See LIFE Booklet for more info)
Slide 37 - BENEFITS: Retirement Plans Classified Staff Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) Public Employees Retirement Systems (PERS) Plan 2 – Defined Benefit Plan Plan 3 – Defined Benefit/Contribution Components Faculty/Administrators State Board Retirement Plan (SBRP) TIAA-CREF Defined Contribution Plan Contribution amount based on employee age Employee contribution matched 100% by SCC Employee controls allocation of funds
Slide 38 - BENEFITS: Supplemental Retirement Plans Benefit eligible employees have the opportunity for pre-tax contributions to various annuity programs. Contributions are made by the employee only in addition to their required retirement plan deductions. Participation can begin and stop any anytime Contact the Payroll/Benefits Office for enrollment information.
Slide 39 - BENEFITS: Other Programs Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) Designed to help you save tax dollars on child care services, elder care or care for a disabled spouse or dependent. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible health care expenses. Enrollment available at time of employment or during open enrollment each Fall quarter.
Slide 40 - BENEFITS: Other Amenities On-site Child Care Center Library/Media Center Services Wellness/Intramural Programs Cosmetology Program Services Employee Credit Unions Dental Hygiene Program Services Automotive Center services Free parking Employee Advisory Programs (EAP)
Slide 41 - Workers Compensation Workers’ Compensation Income protection for on-the-job injuries.
Slide 42 - Your Supervisor will be reviewing the following with you: The structure and workflow of your department. Who your internal and external customers are Your job responsibilities and functions Management expectations for your performance Hours of work including lunchtime and breaks Call-in requirements - Where to go for questions
Slide 43 - THANK YOU for your attention during this orientation We Wish You Much Success in Your Career With Us