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About FOLK DANCES OF KARNATAKA PowerPoint Presentation

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Slide 2 - KUNITHA The ritualistic dances of Karnataka are known as Kunitha. Kunitha is a general term given to ritualistic dances of Karnataka. These are divided into specific dance forms depending on the region it is being performed in. E.g.. Dolla Kunitha etc. Among the classical dances of India, the Mysore style of Bharatanatyam, is the oldest and most popular dance form. It is widely performed here. Other mainstream classical dances here include Kuchipudi and Kathak.
Slide 3 - FOLK DANCES OF KODAGU (COORG) Bolak-aat :- This is performed by the Kodava men in front of an oil lamp in an open field. The men hold the chavari(Yak fur) in one hand and the Kodava short sword "Odi-kathi" in the other while performing this dance. Ummatt-aat:- This is performed by the Kodava womenfolk. The women wear the traditional Kodava dress complete with jewellery, and brass cymbals in hand. One woman stands at the center holding a pot full of water to represent Kaveri taayi or Mother Kaveri, which the Kodavas worship as their prime deity.
Slide 4 - DANCES OF OLD MYSORE REGIONS Dollu Kunitha or Dollu Dance This is a group dance that is named after the Dollu - the percussion instrument used in the dance. It is performed by the menfolk of the Kuruba community of the North Karnataka area. The group consists of 16 dancers who wear the drum and beat it to different rhythms while also dancing. Somana Kunita Somana kunita or the 'Mask dance' is a celebratory form of spirit worship prevalent in south Karnataka region. It is performed mostly in village shrines dedicated to the Mother Goddess. The art is mostly practiced by the Gangemata community. The dance is characterized by the dancers wearing elaborate masks painted in different colours which represent deities.
Slide 5 - DANCES OF NORTH KARNATAKA Jaggahalige Kunita This is a folk art of the Hubballi Dharwad region, particularly of the 'Byahatti' village. It is performed on occasions such as Yugadi and Holi. Jagghalige is essentially a percussion instrument made of a bullock cart wheel with buffalo hides wrapped around. Karadimajal This is a popular folk orchestra of the north Karnataka region. It is performed during various auspicious occasions and in processions. The Karadi or Karade is the percussion instrument that is used in the orchestra. It is a palm sized cymbal that produces metallic sounds while the Shehnai is used to produce the melody.
Slide 6 - DANCES OF MALENADU Bhootha Aradhane This dance form is widely performed in the coastal areas of Karnataka. The Bhootha Aradhane or Holy Spirit (Shiva Gana's) worship, includes a procession of idols depicting 'bhoothas". This procession is characterized by the beating of drums and bursting of firecrackers. After the end of the procession, the idols are placed on a plinth. Then, a dancer personifying a Bhoota (Holy Spirit) dances around the plinth with sword and jingling bells.
Slide 7 - Yakshagana Yakshagana is a dance drama performed in the coastal areas of Karnataka. This unique dance form is a perfect blend of dance, music, songs, scholarly dialogues and colorful costumes.. The word Yakshagana literally means celestial music. This dance drama is also performed throughout the night, usually after the winter crop has been reaped.
Slide 8 - Veeragasse is a dance form prevalent in the state of Karnataka, India. It is a vigorous dance based on Hindu mythology and involves very intense energy-sapping dance movements. Veeragasse is one of the dances demonstrated in the Dasara procession held in Mysore. This dance is performed during festivals and mainly in the Hindu months of Shravana and Karthika.
Slide 9 - CS Mahostsava THANK YOU